Born to be Wild

Today, we’re going to….   (you just have to sing along with  this)

Get the motor running.
Head out on the highway.
Lookin’ for adventure,
And whatever comes our way.
Yeah, Darlin’, go make it happen.
Load it all in the Sienna.
Hitch the trailer up behind us
‘Cause we need some more space.
With a dog and three kids
And lots of DVD’s;
Racin’ with wi-ind
Until the next rest stop we see.
Yeah, Darlin, go make it happen.
Hope the trailer lights work now.
They’ll ask, “Are we there yet, Daddy?’
You’ll say, “Stop kicking my seat!”
Just to see family,
We will drive, drive and not fly.
We gotta drive so far
Before we stop this car.
Born to be wild
Born to be wild
Got the motor runnin’
Drivin’ down the highway.
Lookin’ for a rest stop
For a child who just can’t wait.
Yeah, Darlin’ go make it happen.
Pass the fruit snacks and don’t spill.
Three days, three kids, and a dog:
Whose idea was this?
Just to see family,
We will drive, drive and not fly.
We gotta drive so far
Before we stop this car.
Born to be wild
Born to be wild

Somehow, that makes the long drive across the country with three kids, a dog, and too many fruitsnacks squished into the upholstery so much cooler.  The soundtrack makes the movie, baby.

It’s time to hit the road, my friends.  Happy trails to all of you….let’s hope our Swagger Wagon can handle the wild times.

By the way, here is a video of the Bionic Man and I figuring out how much our trip is going to cost.  (Just kidding…..a little bit.)


  1. TOO funny! smiles….

  2. Maman positive says:


    First of all, i want to thank you for your nice comment. The first english comment on my blog! I've taken the time to read your blog and i think it's a wonderful one!!! You are such a loving and caring family. You've faced many troubles but you still strong and faithful. I'm facing a very difficult situation with my family right now and i put all my hope in God. You can now read my blog too, i've put a translator on the top right. Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck and sorry for my native-french-speaker- english language mistakes :-)

    PS: Holland is not so far from France… Maybe…

  3. Hey Ruth I'm guessing you didn't get my email about Bloomington lake til too late, darn it! I hope you figured it out. I just read your comment on my blog and had to comment back to tell you we went to that same play last night. Man I agree it was so funny! I was wishing save would have been there. Too bad we weren't there the same night so we could have met!

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