Mission Accomplished

Whew!  My day went much better than anticipated!

The pediatrician checked Superkid for strep–negative.  Ears–beautiful.  Sent us off to the lab, for a quick urine work up and the tests our metabolic specialist ordered.  So far, everything has come back normal.  We had to wait a long time at the lab, but Superkid was able to go to school this afternoon.

With that out of the way, I was able to stuff the Bionic Man’s car with red and brown balloons, and leave a card on his steering wheel.  Back at home, I dipped strawberries in chocolate, and wrote love notes to the kiddos and Bionic Man to find when they came home.  They were all surprised and thrilled!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


  1. Glad that everything checked out ok with Superkid! Loved your Valentine's Day ideas! Super cute!!!

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