Grandmother’s Garden

Speaking of garden vegetables, I’ve been meaning to show you pictures of one of my favorite kitchen gardens.  I took some pictures of it while we were in Utah.

My mother-in-law tends a vegetable garden in her backyard that is more than productive: it’s downright pretty!

When my in-laws landscaped their yard a few years ago, they made sure that even the vegetable garden benefited from the design.  It’s definitely complimentary to the rest of the yard, and you have a nice view of it from the large deck off the back of the house.

My mother-in-law has a very green thumb, and this garden space is the ideal setting for her vegetables, don’t you think?  It’s got just about everything a gardener could desire.

Raised beds,

access to water,

wide paths,

a lovely entrance and exit,

places for climbing plants….and pumpkins in the ground, nearby.

There are lots and lots of growing things for the grandchildren to help harvest and eat.

We especially enjoyed the ripe, juicy strawberries during our visit this summer.
Grandmother swears by the Square Foot Gardening method.  Looks like it’s working pretty well, doesn’t it?

Maybe sometime I’ll post pictures of our little salsa garden.  But I’m going to wait a few days, because it is kind of scrawny and pale in comparison to Grandmother’s garden.

Did you plant any of your own vegetables this summer?

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  1. Erica Isom says:

    Oh my that is lovely! I want it ! I don’t even have a garden this year. Sad me. Love the new look Ruth,

  2. Dreamy… someday I’ll have a garden like that. I hope.

    Blog looks great! I’ll have to pick your brain about wordpress someday, Thanks for the button, too : )

  3. Grandmother’s Garden is my absolute favorite place to photograph right now! You should see the Hollyhocks she has climbing up the front now, and the daisies and the cone flowers, and the red beans that are blooming on the “exit” arbor! SIGH – it’s a photographer’s paradise!

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    A Favorite In Grandmother Garden

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