My Daughters are Running a Nail Salon

Wait, stop–don’t call the Division of Labor or the Office of Child Welfare, just yet.

Their salon is in my bathroom.  And there are only so many mani-pedis a woman can get in a single day, so trust me–these girls aren’t getting overworked.

I know it is hard to believe, but having them massage my scalp (part of Superkid’s total makeover of my hairstyle, she’s very thorough) and scub my toes with seasalt and coconut oil was not my idea.

They just come up with these little projects on their own.  It’s either a sign of my excellent parenting or that Endeavor was completely embarrassed by the fact I’d been wearing the same coat of nail polish since, um, since…..for a while.

By the time I’d had the scalp massage, fizzy footbath, and seasalt scrub, I was completely under their influence and told Endeavor she could paint my toes any colors she liked, as long as they matched.

And they do.  I’m showcasing some of the trendiest hues of 2011, right here on my toes.

Those chubby toes remind me of my little niece, Stella, who got pictures taken of her own pedicure while we were visiting in Utah.  I’m pretty sure her toes are cuter.  Love you, Stella!

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