Sunflowers from our Garden

We had a happy gardening accident this summer: sunflowers popped up alongside our bamboo!

Endeavor went outside and picked some of them to make a bouquet for our mantle.

I have a thing for sunflowers.  They are just so big and bright and HAPPY.

Anyone else raise their eyebrows when they read the phrase, “sunflowers popped up alonside our bamboo”?  Yeah, I thought so.  It’s kind of a long story (as most of mine are).  The short version is that several years ago, we went on quite a backwoods adventure to visit a bamboo plantation and bring some home.  I’m pretty sure the bamboo farmer was growing more than bamboo out there, but bamboo was what we went for, and bamboo was what we brought home.  It gets crazier:  that bamboo plantation was in our very own state of Indiana.  Who knew?

I’m probably the only gardener in America with sunflowers alongside her bamboo.  I think we can thank some birds for that interesting juxtaposition of multicontinental horticulture.  Bottom line?  I love having flowers to bring indoors!

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