5 Things I Pinned this Week…

Starting today, I’d like to share some of my favorite “pins” on a weekly basis.  (No clue what I’m talking about?  Read about pins and Pinterest here.)  I’ll feature 5 things I’ve pinned during the past week every Saturday, with links to the sites they came from. Off we go with week number one!

1.  DIY Paper Plate Baskets from Sarah Hearts

Maybe it hails back to my teenage days as a “migrant” farm worker at the Bear Lake raspberry patches (such a long story), but there was just something about these cute baskets that appealed to me.  Perhaps I secretly want to run my own roadside farm stand?  If nothing else, it’s a cute way to carry our excess cherry tomatoes over to the neighbors.

2. & 3.  Dining Room Benches from BH&G and Crafty, Scrappy, Happy

The four chairs I found at a garage sale back in Connecticut are still a part of my dining room landscape, but they are terminally wobbly.  If any of my kids put on more weight (which they need to, seriously) then they’ll be eating standing up.  These benches have given me some needed inspiration.  Now I’m on the hunt for some cheap benches…

4.  DIY Fabric Art from BH&G

I’m always on the lookout for something to make my big, empty walls a little less bare.  This fabric art looks amazing!  And get a load of that pink chandelier, too.  I’m pretty sure Justone would move out to the playscape if I hung something like that in our house, but the artwork looks great.

5.  Beefed-up Moldings on the Cheap from The House of Smiths

Cross my fingers and toes, I really hope we’re going to get around to painting over the rest of the gacky sage before the summer’s end.  And what better time to add a little pizzazz to our builder’s blah moldings that right before we paint them?  I’ve gotta talk Bionic Man into letting me do this!

If you want to check out more of my pins, just click on the button, below.  Have a great weekend!

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