5 Things I Pinned – Week 4

Sorry, sorry, it’s been a busy day around here and I’m running a little late on this!  I’m afraid I had a little too much fun checking out fall decor ideas and fall fashion ideas….since it finally cooled down enough around here for us to feel like,”Hmmm, maybe summer actually will end, one day.”  Next week we’ll be back to the high 80’s again, so this fall fun may be short-lived.  I must pin for fall while I can!

Confused by all my talk of pins and pinning?  Well, check out my explanation of Pinterest HERE.

1. & 2.  Cork Flooring from Re-Nest and Carpet-Tile.org

Bionic Man and I have been in discussions about what to do about the horribly worn carpet in our great room.  (Otherwise known as the room all feet must first pass through in order to get anywhere else.)  Considering all the traffic that room gets, we’re looking at options other than carpet.  I’m rooting for cork.

3.  Colorful Map Gallery Wall from Running from the Law

Home improvement is on my brain.  Bionic Man has promised to help me finish painting over the Gacky Sage from a Darker Place this fall.  So, I’ve been looking for ideas of things to do to the large expanse of wall that makes up our upstairs hallway.  You know I have a big thing for maps, so this gallery wall really caught my eye.  I love how colorful it is!

4.  Presto-Chango Frames from Shanty 2 Chic

As I was looking at other gallery wall pins, I came across this one.  See the frames?  They all have bull clips attached that make it easy to do a quick change of pictures or art.  I think I may have to think on this….could it be the solution to the stacks of children’s artwork I have all over my house?

5.  Autumn Cranberry Outfit from Polyvore

Now, to me, that purplish red color doesn’t look like cranberry.  More like magenta.  Whatever it is, I know I like it and I want some more of it.  Oh, what I would do to get my hands on some shoes like that.  At Goodwill.

Are you pinning your fun finds on the internet to Pinterest?  If so, I’d love to know so I can check out your pins!  You can view all 1311 (obsessed, much?) of my pins HERE.


  1. I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest too! Yikes! One of my pins this week just happened to be the Presto-Chango Frames too! Funny!!

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