5 Things I Pinned – Week 5

Just in case you are visiting for the first time, each week I choose five of the things I recently pinned to my Pinterest boards to feature.  New to Pinterest?  Here’s a handy tutorial I posted.  I love having a place to quickly store all of the great ideas I find online, that allows me to quickly access them again.  (The Bionic Man appreciates it, too, since he no longer has to wait for me to wade through the hard drive when I want to show him things, anymore.)  So, here we go with Week #5….

1.  Ah, now I understand…

See, it’s really not about counting calories.  It’s about catching them and destroying them…before they destroy us!  (Couldn’t find the direct link to this one, sorry, so this will have to do.)

2.  Speaking of calories…

Kelsey at Apple a Day claims that these chocolate cookies are “the fluffiest, chewiest, most amazing” chocolate chip cookies ever.  The calories hiding in your closet dare you to try them and report back.  But be careful…Kelsey warns that it is hard not to devour the entire batch!

3.  Speaking of closets…(or armoires)…

This idea is just so fantastic I had to show you two pictures of it.  It comes from a site known as Curbly.   Behind the doors of this staid armoire is an unbelievably efficient kitchenette.

I just had to save this, because it has been a dream of mine for some time now to have a charming little guest house someday.  Where my relatives and friends can stay when they come to visit.  And I think this kitchen is just right for that guest cottage, don’t you?

4.  Vintage Halloween

Superkid isn’t a fan of scary Halloween things.  It’s hard to get her to enter a store with her eyes uncovered at this time of year.  Projects like this one from Style at Home have caught my eye, with the vintage Halloween prints and postcards.  Not too scary!

5.  Rainbows

Someone is going to be eight soon at our house…and a rainbow-themed party is in store.  Check out some of the rainbow foods and decorations I’ve pinned, lately.

If you are looking to get your fill of Autumn or Halloween themed pins, make sure you check out the pinning party going on right now at The Scrap Shoppe.  You’ll find links to plenty of Fall themed boards and pins, there.



  1. Thank you for the Halloween Pinterest party shout out, Ruth! I think this is a fun idea to show off your Pinterest finds. And you have found some fun things!! Have a great weekend!


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