5 Things I’ve Pinned – Week 3

This week’s pins are as random as can be.  (Want to know more about pinning?  Click HERE.)

1.  Map drawer pulls from Etsy

I have a thing for maps.  Right now it is a thing that has not appeared outside of my brain or my Pinterest account, but it is still a thing.  I am determined at some point to have a map room.  Hence, I have stored dozens and dozens of things to put in the map room.  Now I’ve even got the cabinet hardware.

2.  Retro range from BH&G

I also have a crazy penchant for retro appliances.  Especially if they’ve been retrofitted with modern wiring and capabilities.  If my sisters are reading this, they will laugh and tell me I am welcome to all the appliances in our parents’ basement.  Sisters take note:  I said retrofitted.

3.  Gallery wall for children’s art from Less-Than-Perfect-Life-of-Bliss

School has only been in session for three weeks, and I’m already having a hard time locating my refrigerator behind all the papers that have been put on it.  I need a different solution.  I really like this idea–the thought of just clipping the art in place is genius, and ensures that we’d actually switch things out frequently.

4.  10 Things to do everyday to stay organized from Organize Your Way

Like I said, school has been in session for three weeks.  And I need this.  Enough said.

5.  Cost Effective Lunchables from The CSI Project

School started.  We’re packing lunches.  I’ve really needed some inspiration.  I loved Nike’s ideas for how to pack lunches that are efficient and low cost.  She’s got some really, really great ideas, here.

Okay, I’m off to enjoy the rest of this long weekend.  Enjoy yours!

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