A Visit from The Nutmegger

I’m delighted to welcome my dear friend Erica (a.k.a. Nutmegger)to Holland, today!  She took me up on my plea for blog posts instead of casseroles.  Thank you, Erica!  I met Erica way back when we were both learning how to be wives and mothers.  She was (and continues to be) a wonderful example to me of a woman who never stops learning.  A talented violinist, Erica left behind a academic and performing career to focus on a role that doesn’t necessarily earn her the kind of applause she once received.  She is now a mother of five beautiful children.  

One of my many memories of Erica is of driving up at her house in a panic, handing her my two toddlers and trying to explain with a shaking voice that baby Superkid was in heart failure and I had to get to the hospital with her NOW.  Erica hugged me, told me to drive as fast as I could, and said not to worry about Endeavor and Justone–she’d take care of them.  I believe that run to the hospital turned into an ambulance ride to an out-of-state hospital, and I didn’t see Endeavor and Justone for a week.  They were mothered in my absence by Erica and other dear, sweet friends until I could bring Superkid home from the hospital.  Thank you, Erica, for being that kind of friend!

Erica is about to reveal what the contents of a woman’s purse say about her….take it away, Erica!

My Purse Transfer

 So I just bought a new purse since my purse/diaper bag straps were falling apart. A multi colored stripe large canvas beauty.

The cute baby in the sling is distracting, but Erica's gold purse is on the other shoulder.

So I was cleaning out my “I can be a Mother of five” power Gold purse and here’s a rough summary of what I found.

1.crayons, and colored pencils- approximately 30

2. The four sharpened with erasers pencils- a true treasure in our house as the school year round down.

3. Two pens

4. Four check books from two different banks- Probably not a good thing-Checks written to mostly babysitters, library fines, School lunch accounts and tithing.

5. Library cards four of them so we always have one that is not frozen and use able. Usually two of them are frozen at any time. We check about 30 books every trip! So losing two or ten is a common thing. Fortunately the librarians are my good friends and help me figure out which card to use every time. Thanks ladies!

6 Receipts-Target,and groceries are the big winner. But Smile for the Future our pediatric dentist was also in the running. I get to go back tomorrow with C. for a cleaning!!!

7. One Q.  diaper, one dripping bottle from earlier in the day. That fast nipple really can soak a bag!

8. One pair of C. underwear and a shirt that I thought was pants as I rushed out the door to the babysitter today. Thanks to Grandma Sue for selling C. on no diapers! Thank you! She’s still doing great!

9.Coupons for photos. I really have to get Q. picture taken!

10. My wallet full of our family life-swim passes, Sturbridge Village Member cards, ID for everyone in the family P. A. S. C. and Q.but Josh, health cards, etc.

11. Cash which is a surprise I rarely have it with me.

12. My little calendar with a pencil in it-since the iPhone death(still in mourning). But it does get the job done.

13. Hand cream sample and one pack of Mentos that C. begged for at the store today.

14 An envelope with our ward service auction winnings- Some neat stuff- Yard work, origami lesson, crochet lesson, a beautiful print for the girls room still in need of a frame, child scrapbook and a Kickball challenge with the Nielsen family.

15. One thank you note from Jordan for his senior recital.

There you go my life in a nut shell.

It’s likely that while you are reading this, Superkid and I are hanging out at the hospital, getting her prepped for her procedure, today.  We’re hoping that this is a quick, in-and-out procedure that will take care of the many nosebleeds she’s been having.  We want to be home for dinner.  Wish us luck and keep Superkid in your prayers, today!  (Specifically, that she won’t have any complications with anesthesia, bleeding, or lost electrolytes, that she won’t be uncomfortable, and that her mom won’t have a panic attack when she smells the operating room.  And that the OR nurses will love it when she breaks into song….here’s hoping they don’t mind hearing “Mother Knows Best” over and over and over again.)

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