Tender Mercies, Ice Cream Edition

I am the first to admit that frozen dairy products are a weakness of mine.  Especially if they start with a Coldstone and end with a Creamery.  And even more especially if they are homemade by my dad, brother, or mother-in-law.  This is why I had to move across the country.  Because I have no self control.

Anywho, thanks to Pinterest, I can now have my ice cream and eat it, too.  And not feel one single bit guilty.  See, I discovered this pin (exhibit A in the trial where I prove that I actually intend to do things with my pins):

See where it says 1 banana + 2 tbsp cocoa?  I decided if it really was that simple, it must be tried.

After all, do you know what two flavors of ice cream I mix together every single time I visit Coldstone Creamery?  That’s right, chocolate and banana.

Because no one in my family will eat a banana that has a hint of brown on it, I always have bananas peeled and frozen in my freezer.  I used to use them for smoothies.  Now I use them for “ice cream”.

It really is simple:  I throw a large frozen banana into my blender, along with 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder.  Then I blend.

If the mixture looks crumbly instead of creamy, I add a little bit of soy, almond, or skim milk and continue blending.

Then I scoop it out of my blender and put it into a pretty ice cream dish.  Voila!

It really is creamy and flavorful and delicious.  Just like ice cream.  Bionic Man thinks I am a little crazy, and he eyes my fake ice cream with some suspicion.

According to my calculations, this creamy little concoction has zero saturated fat, 150 calories, and 4 grams of fiber.  Check out the nutrition information for Coldstone Creamery’s banana ice cream:

Yep, I’m crazy alright, Bionic Man.  Crazy like a fox.

What tricks do you have to fool yourself into healthy eating?

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