The Things We Do for “Fun”

The Bionic Man and I have a rule that our children need to do some kind of activity on a regular basis that will keep their bodies moving.  Our goal is not to produce Olympians, it is simply to give them the opportunity to find activities they will enjoy that will help them stay healthy.

Fall means cross country season for Endeavor.

This is her second year as part of her middle school’s cross country team.  Last year, when she started, it took her 23 minutes the first time she ran the 3K course.  This year, she can do it in less than 14 minutes.  Running has helped Endeavor to deal with stress.  She’s learned that she feels better after she runs, even when she’s had a hard day at school.  Running has also taught Endeavor to eat.  She has learned to recognize the connection between her body and it’s need for healthy food to power it up.  She’s ravenous after she runs, and I’ll tell you:  for the mom of what used to be three very picky, sporadic eaters, it’s good to be down to two.  (Her grandmas will be interested to note that Endeavor still won’t eat cereal with milk, though.)

Fall means soccer season for Justone.  

Justone has played soccer on and off for the last few years, with varying degrees of interest.  This summer, he went to soccer daycamp, and enjoyed it so much he asked to go for another session.  Justone impressed us all with newfound aggression on the field, when we watched the first game of the season.  Justone’s coaches were a little more fun than his current coach.  He’s not sure if he likes being on his current coach’s team.  He feels like the coach is always yelling at him.  After watching practice one day, I decided that the reason Justone’s coach is always yelling at him is because Justone is one of the only kids who is really getting into the scrimmaging, so I guess he attracts more attention.  And it’s hard not to yell when the team you are coaching is spread out across a soccer field.  Not being extremely into sports my self, this is all uneducated guessing.

Can you tell how hard it was to get these two to pose for pictures?  Not the case with their younger sister.

Fall means that Superkid gets a little bored on the sidelines.  

She’ll be starting dance lessons again, soon, so she’ll be getting exercise, too.

The afternoons when we are double-booked with meets or practices just about put me over the edge.  The coordination of who gets dropped off when and with what and which parent will be there gets a little hairy for me.  I know there are some of you out there who have way more experience with this.  Any tips?

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