Update to the Last Post

(Read the last post HERE….sorry if it is TMI.)  (For my sisters and mother who don’t speak text, that’s Too Much Information.)

Here’s the update:

I’m feeling lots better.  Antibiotics work.  I’m glad to be back in the land of the living.

Just in time to get the news that Superkid’s doctors have decided to try cauterizing her nose THIS WEEK.  (You can read why this is a big deal HERE.)  They think they can do it without changing her blood thinning medication, which means day surgery as opposed to two weeks spent at the Heart Center.  (Hopefully.)  Yay!  That is so worth a try if it cuts down on nosebleeds.

She will be having the minor procedure done in a regular operating room, where more equipment (and people) are available if anything goes wrong.  (We hope it won’t.)  We have been told to expect to be at the hospital for a matter of hours, but I am packing a toothbrush and contact lens solution, just in case.  (I’ve learned from experience.)

Please keep Superkid in your thoughts and prayers.  No matter how much fun she thinks our wonderful children’s hospital is, I’m not a fan of hospital stays.  And, if you have a burning desire to help, volunteer to be a guest blogger this week.  Yes, you!  Come tell about your trip to Holland, latest parenting adventure, or how you are getting ready for fall at your house.  It will be fun!  And so much more enjoyable than casserole, seriously.

Contact me about guest blogging here:  atriptoholland (at) gmail (dot) net


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