Mother Sews Best

Have I told you that I’m pretty sure a man invented Trick-or-Treating?  A man without any children of his own?  Because seriously, folks, would a woman–a mother–invent a tradition that involved elaborate costumes and unlimited candy for children?  I rest my case.

Despite the fact that I had to pack for, unpack, and organize two back-to-back out of town vacations in the past week…despite the fact that I had several writing deadlines…despite the fact that just the mere effort of turning on my sewing machine these days causes me to say creative non-swearing epithets…I told two of my children I would make their Halloween costumes.

This is what my sewing room looked like by the end of the day, yesterday.

Though it may look as if poor Hunter the Dog got too close to my sewing shears, or as if I sacrificed some small animal to appease the evil spirit that dwells within my sewing machine, I can assure you that no animals were harmed in the making of our Halloween costumes.

It’s just that the fake fur was flying, thanks to Justone’s costume choice:  Viking Warrior.

Pretty sweet, eh?  Good thing I had coupons for the fabric store, because let me tell you, fake fur ain’t cheap.  But Justone was very pleased with his costume.  And I’m pretty sure we can get some serious mileage out of that fur vest for years to come.

After vacuuming up all the fur from the Viking Warrior costume, I moved on to our next costume.  Do you recognize this woman?

She’s very well preserved, and goes by the name of Gothel.  Mother Gothel.

The way Superkid looked when I was done made all the running around I did to find the perfect wig for less than $7 TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Did I mention that I had to put rollers in that wig?  No?  Well, I did.  And this is why: {there is supposed to be a video embedded here, but it’s just not working.  Click HERE, instead.)

Superkid doesn’t just dress like Mother Gothel…she sings like Mother Gothel, too.

That wasn’t lip synched, by the way.  That’s all Superkid.  I find it pretty amazing that after two heart surgeries and countless rounds of pneumonia, Superkid has the lung capacity of Pavarotti.  That’s my girl!

This is also my girl, who is grown up enough now that she didn’t want me to sew her a Halloween costume.  Endeavor embellished her witch hat all by herself.  A good mother would get the sniffles about that, so I must not be a good mother, because all I can do is shout, “Hallelujah!”  

Because, after all, I also have The Bionic Man to sew for.  

No, I didn’t sew anything he’s wearing.  I did, however, sew up several items he needed for this year’s Trunk-or-Treating wow-the-crowd over-the-top display of Halloween spirit.  Those holes are filled with all kinds of scary surprises.  {Click HERE to view it in action.}

I’ll tell you, it is awfully fun to be married to such a creative genius, but it is exhausting.

Hunter the Dog was also costumed this year, but I would like to inform the SPCA that I had nothing to do with his costume.  I don’t approved of costumes for dogs, so I didn’t sew Hunter’s costume either.  He somehow managed to look handsome and dignified despite the addition of wings to his back.  {Click HERE to view poor Hunter’s plight.}  Thank you veddy much, Bionic Man, who handles all dog costuming at our house.

No one took pictures of me, but I’ll tell you, it sure was a surprise to discover, on the way home, that the striped witch tights I was wearing glowed in the dark.  My kids thought I was the coolest mom ever.

At bedtime, after the Trunk-or-Treat, Justone came to me and gave me a hug.  “Thanks for making my costume, Mom,” he said sweetly.  “I’m going to be a viking for Halloween for the rest of my life.

Which means I’m down to just one costume to make, next year.  And as long as Superkid chooses to include a long, black cape in her costume (Darth Sidius?  Darth Vader?  Little Black Riding Hood?) we’ll be just fine.


  1. OH… MY… GOODNESS! Superkid as Gothel has got to be my all time favorite Halloween costume ever. My girls are still trying unsuccessfully to sing like her. Classic family legend in the making. Oh, and I think you forgot the most obvious black cape costume possibility ever: Hogwarts student.

    • Oh, I didn’t think of Hogwarts student because we already have the black hoodless gowns that Grandmother made us. It is one of the great disappointments of my life that I can never get my kids to use those and go as Hogwarts students. For some reason they don’t think that’s unique enough. Sniff. I totally think that we need to get Superkid and Arianna (wasn’t she Rapunzel this year?) together for a photoshoot.

  2. Oh, and Justone makes a very striking similarity to Hiccup in the books with his red hair and freckles. All he needs now is one of Grandmother’s hand-crafted dragon companions.

    • He, does, doesn’t he? But according to Justone, he is NOT Hiccup. I tried to convince him to wear a Justin Bieber wig to get the full Hiccup effect, but he wouldn’t go for it. Hunter was actually supposed to be his dragon–did you see the wings?

  3. How did u make the mother Gothel costume?? I would love to make one for our up coming trip so we can do “family” costume day! Any info would be greatly appreciated! :)
    Thanks and great job!!

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