New Business Website

For the last few days, I’ve been hard at work building a new website.  Today, I’m thrilled to invite you to take a look at the business side of my Holland, Windmill Words.

Windmill Words

Please take a look around the new site, and let me know if you detect any bugs or issues.  I would really appreciate your feedback!

I’m definitely getting the hang of web design, but I could sure use some experience working on sites that aren’t my own.  If you would like to take advantage of highly discounted rates, I’m offering them at this time to anyone willing to hire me on to redesign their blog.  Feel free to contact me HERE if you have any questions about this offer, or have a project for my consideration.

Here is a little more info on Windmill Words:

Whether your blog is brand new, bursting at the seams, or bigger than you ever dreamed, Windmill Words is ready to assist you. If the business of blogging has taken the joy out of what used to be a fun pastime, you are ready for the virtual assistance of Windmill Words.

A windmill is a machine which harnesses energy from the wind to generate power for a purpose like grinding grain, pumping water, or producing electricity. Quiet and efficient, it works with the wind to create useful energy.Like a windmill, a good virtual assistant can work with the amazing energy you’ve already got blowing around your blogging business, and utilize that existing energy to manufacture and market your product more effectively. Working quietly and efficiently behind the scenes, virtual assistance with your blog can give you the power to focus on your creativity.

Thanks to all of my readers for your support!  I feel blessed to be able to embark on this new adventure, and I hope you’ll come along with me.  Windmill Words is a business site only.  I will continue to keep a personal/fun blog here at A Trip to Holland.


  1. On voit directement que vous maîtrisez superbement bien le sujet

  2. Je remarque de suite que vous connaissez bien ce que vous avancez

  3. Magnifique post, continuez comme ça

  4. On peut vous dire que ce n’est pas incohérent ..


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    New Business Website

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