One of THOSE Weeks

I apologize for the sporadic blogging, around here.  The good news is, Windmill Words looks fantastic!  If you haven’t seen it yet, please go explore.  I’m not-so-secretly very proud of my blossoming site design skills.  The bad news is, I’m completely swamped, in real life, in all of my non-virtual workspaces.

I’m packing for two back-to-back trips to wildly different places and for wildly different occasions.  (Yay, I guess–it means I might not have to do laundry in between?)  I have multiple projects that need to be completed before we leave.  Someone’s having a birthday…and I’m still trying to throw together presents and an out of town party.

But before long, I’m going to be doing some pretty great stuff with people I love, so I’m trying to power through the craziness of this week.  Any guesses where we’ll be?  Here’s a hint:

We went there last year.  But this year….I’m going back with my big-girl camera.  Yee-haw!

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