Ordinary Days

I’m very sad that I’m down to something like one post a week on this little blog ‘o mine.  Sorry!  I’m not even going to promise to do better, because things have been a little crazy at our house.

The good news:

  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  Loved having family (Uncle Dustin and his A Team) with us.  My nieces are adorable, and we were sorely tempted to let their parents leave them behind.
  • I’m determined to post pictures of the pies I made for Thanksgiving dinner, because I’m that proud of them.  Stay tuned.
  • Christmas shopping is DONE–at least for my children.  Still working on a few things for the extended family.  But I’m feeling good about it.  I’ve got momentum.
  • Christmas cards aren’t done–but all they need are addresses.  I’m feeling sooo on top of it.
  • I’ve taken on a small design job for one blogger and some writing/advertising tasks for another.  How fun to have new jobs!
The bad news:
  • Hello, pneumonia.  Superkid had a cold before Thanksgiving, and when the weather turned cold early this week, it was only a matter of time.
  • Coincidence that the cold became pneumonia on the same day that Superkid’s school had a fire drill and she stood out in a cold drizzle for ten minutes without a coat?  I think not.
  • According to our amazing pediatrician, it’s the worst she’s heard Superkid’s lungs in years.  As in since before the last heart surgery.  We have had to pull out the big guns on this case, medication-wise, but thank goodness they are letting me take care of her at home.
  • We’ve been to see various doctors three times in the last week, and sometimes the time it takes to drive back and forth and sit in waiting areas really adds up.  I’m behind on everything.  Literally, everything.  (Except maybe Christmas?  Miraculous.)
  • It seems like Bionic Man and I have had a lot to think about lately and lots of decisions to make.  Nothing traumatic or noteworthy, but still–we are people who like to be super informed before we decide anything, and I am the official researcher.  It has been mentally exhausting.  Studying and making decisions are such grown up things to do, aren’t they?
  • We’ve found two dead mice in our basement in the last two weeks.  Better dead than alive, but c’mon–can’t they die outside?  And where in the heck are they coming from?  It doesn’t ease my mind any that I’m once again behind with the housework, and when I see a pile of crumbs or a mound of laundry, I think, “Mice!  They could be anywhere!”
I know those are just little things, but this week those little things seem to have gained weight and turned into heavy burdens.   I really needed to be reminded of this comforting story, this week:  Good Things to Come .


  1. Mice! I was talking on the phone a few days ago and one caviler solo run acoss the hall with a pretzel in it’s mouth! We did finally get him. Hope you are hanging in there with Superkid! You really are super Mom. Missing you-Erica

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