Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Last spring, I found some decorative mirrors on deep discount at our local hardware store.  I wanted one.  I wanted to put it right above our mantel.  Bionic Man convinced me not to buy one until after we had painted the living room.

Well, guess what, Bionic Man?  We painted the living room.  Seems to me, you owe me some kind of mirror on the wall.

Since we don’t have the actual mirror yet, I want to get my friends’ opinions on three different types of mirrors.  Take a look at the faux mirrors in the photos below, and tell me which one works for you.

Option A – Rectangular

Option B – Circular

Option c – Sunburst

So, what do you think?  Would you pick any one of those over the other?  Do you think I’m completely off with the idea that the frame of the mirror should match the white trim elsewhere in the room?  I want to get your advice on this one.


  1. I like the circular one.

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