New Look for a New Year

Have you noticed?  We’re working on a new look here at A Trip to Holland.  That is, I’m working on it.  And working and working and working.  There are still a few bugs.  (Hello?  Where’s my windmill title logo?  Lost in cyberspace?)  But I’m not done with it, yet.

The new decor was inspired by work I’ve been doing on my business blog, Windmill Words.  Over there, I’ve been tweaking the overall look of the site to better compliment my business cards–all in preparation for Altitude Summit, next week.  Seriously, all this work because of BUSINESS CARDS.  What on earth am I thinking?

Here’s a sneak peek at what Windmill Words looks like, now:

I’m loving the gray, tangerine, and turquoise combo.  Also, I think the washi tape is pretty darn fun.

One of the fun new features here at A Trip to Holland that I’m excited about is the social menu, located in the upper right corner, just under the {non-existant} header.

Aren’t those little buttons cute?  Note how I’ve got the Pinterest button front and center, so you can head right over to check out my latest pins.  (I’m up to 2200, at the last count.)  Note how I’m also Twittering.  Supposedly twittering is supposed to be good for business, so I’m learning to tweet.  So far, the only thing I really enjoy about Twitter is that cute little birdy you see up there.  I don’t know if I’m really going to get into it, honestly.  But if you love it, feel free to tweet me, and maybe I’ll feel better about it.

Can I ask a favor of you?  The thing that got me started on the whole blog redecorating tangent was my business card.  I’d love it if you’d vote on your favorites in the comments.  I need some fresh eyes to take a look at things.  Thanks!

Option A:  Traditional size, color on both sides

Option A, front

Option A, back

Option B:  traditional size, color on both sides

Option B, front

Option B, back

(Just in case you are wondering, the funny blank space is where my phone number goes.  Just trying to keep my phone of the ‘net!)

Option C:  Square size, color on both sides

Option C, front

*that background color wasn’t reading as quite so dark on my other computer screen, when I was designing it.  That’s supposed to be a charcoal gray burlap texture.

Option C, back

Seriously, I would love to hear your opinion.  I’ll be honest, I’m leaning more towards Option B.  It looks terrible on screen, but I’m going to have my printer do a sample for me, because I’m hoping it prints up looking the way I think it should.


  1. Lynne' Huber says:

    Dear Ruth,
    Her’e my vote. I like the front of B but I think the back of c looks very professional. I like the phrase on the back of b, “hire me so you can focus on creating” but I like the short statements on the back of c–is it more like a resume’ maybe? I don’t like a because there is no windmill.

  2. Ruth,
    I love your site makeover. Very cute!! I have to say that I prefer card B. I love the shabby chic design that it has.

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