We Moustache You a Question…

…are YOU ready for Valentine’s Day?

I am happy to report that everyone at our house who is elementary school IS ready for Valentine’s Day.  Check out these DIY personalized Valentines:

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We whipped out these funny valentine cards using Picnic (free for EVERYONE, right now!) and I had them printed out using Target’s 1 hour photo service through Shutterfly.  It cost about $10 to print enough to hand out to both classes, BUT if I had been on the ball and used a Shutterfly promo code, I probably could have spent less than $6 for them.

The good news is that I still saved lots of time, because these handy cards already have my children’s names on them and don’t need to be folded or punched out or have stickers added to them.  Hooray!  Here’s how we did it:

I took a picture of each child.

I downloaded the pictures to Picnik.  I used Picnik’s “Add a Sticker” feature to attach the mustaches.  (Many mustache choices are available in the sticker files.)

Then I used Picnik’s collage feature to put the pictures on a colorful background and add text.  It took a whopping 10 minutes.

Instead of candy, my children will be handing out mustaches-on-a-stick along with their Valentines.  Much cheaper than candy, since we have all the supplies we need to make them.  And I’m pretty sure the mustaches will be a hit with their friends.

Have you had any great ideas for Valentines, this year?  If you are in need of any inspiration when it comes to doing something special for your spouse, check out the ideas I shared this weekend over at Infarrantly Creative.


  1. Very cute!

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