Moving Literally and Virtually

Well, you know by now that our family is in the process of a big, cross-country move.  We’ve been packing up our belongings, staging, and selling our home.  And all these changes have helped me solidify some ideas about this blog that I’ve been tossing around in my head for a while, now.

Starting this blog, A Trip to *Holland, has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I began it during the unexpectedly rough (and sudden, due to Lily’s death) transition from a mother of young children to a mother of older children.  It gave me focus and purpose during a time when I had none.  It helped me see that nursing school wasn’t for me, but freelance writing was.  And it’s given me the opportunity to meet–both virtually and in real life–absolutely incredible people.

I feel exceptionally grateful for all the good things that have come to me from blogging at A Trip to *Holland.  I love what this little blog has helped me to become and accomplish.  Trouble is, I don’t love what the blog itself has become: honestly, a disorganized mashup of every facet of my life.  I started it intending to focus on my experience as a mother of children with exceptional medical needs.  But along the way I discovered craft and DIY and decorating blogs which appealed to me in their own right, and I started throwing in craft projects and recipes and style inspiration right alongside reports on Superkid’s latest bloodwork.

Is that bad?  No.  It’s my life, it’s my blog.  I can post whatever I want to.  And then Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week and the amazing Pinterest Challenge happened.  And I suddenly felt silly, posting sugar cookie recipes alongside heart-wrenching stories about families living with CHDs.  I realized that I no longer wanted to serve a mashup of all the facets of my life to the world.  I’d rather enjoy them on separate plates, please.

And, in another instance of perfect timing, our upcoming move solidified my intent to change the way I blog.  I have a lot of adventures ahead of me, and many of them are going to revolve around houses:  selling one, renting one, hopefully buying one.  I’m going to have lot of fun sharing those adventures, but I’ve decided I’m going to share them in a different space.

Nope, this won’t be the end of A Trip to *Holland.  (I plan to keep updating and sharing our journey with CHDs and metabolic disorders, right here, in place of the CarePage we used formerly).  But this is the beginning of A House in *Holland, where I’ll be sharing the bulk of my experiences as a homemaker.  I’m still working on the site design and details, but due to some unexpected opportunities, I’ve launched it already.  Please come visit!

 A House in Holland

If you’d like to keep getting updates on our family and Superkid, you are welcome to “like” A Trip to Holland on Facebook–I’ll let you know when I post here.

Likewise (no pun intended), if you are interested in following our adventures as homeowners, please “like” A House in Holland to stay in the loop of what’s happening over there.


  1. Kim Bouck says:

    Ruth, Congratulations on all your success. I look forward to following both blogs. Even though you “reside” in Holland, it looks like everything’s coming up roses! Good luck!


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