The Guessing Game

Last week, I hinted that I had a good reason for not saying more about what was keeping me away from the blog.  I believe the exact words were, “a very good, very exciting reason, which I should be able to share with all of you in approximately 11.5 days.  With pictures!”

Today’s the day!  And the big news is….

We are moving!

And it’s a big move:  approximately 2100 miles from the lovely suburb of Indianapolis that we’ve been living in for almost seven years.

 How about you humor me by playing along with a little guessing game?  I’m going to show you some of the “points of interest” that will be within driving distance from our new location.  You see if you can guess where our new home will be.  Are you ready?

We’ll be a ten minute drive from my favorite grocery store.

And…drumroll please…just a short thirty minute drive away from this fun store.

It’s less than a two hour drive to find a place to ski in the winter and swim in the summer.

And a two hour drive in the other direction to get to this destination.

A three hour drive is all it takes to find this beautiful seashore…that’s right, SEAshore.

A four hour drive to camp in this gorgeous national park.

Let’s sweeten the deal with an eight hour drive from our new home to this magical spot.

Any guesses where we’re moving?


  1. Sacramento?

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