Become a professional real estate staff?

Become a professional real estate staff?

 Becoming a professional real estate staff (real estate), you often have a fairly high income. However, in fact, becoming a successful staff is not easy.
In addition to having a fairly extensive knowledge of the real estate market, the right staff must also be a person with a beautiful soul, not only leading buyers and tenants to sellers and lessors but also must be able to find the optimal solution for each customer.
So what does a professional real estate staff need? What are the qualities needed to be a successful real estate agent?

 1. Knowledge of real estate staffage:

Just like staffs in other fields, the job of a real estate agent is to help buyers get to sellers. The staff has in hand information about real estate, about planned projects, once the buyer has a need, we will provide that information, and are responsible for contacting the representatives. owner side.
Professional real estate staffs must have a fairly extensive knowledge of the real estate market in the area. We understand the needs of our customers, and the market as well as price fluctuations. We are familiar with the market niches, tax regulations, as well as financial support from banks and credit institutions.

A professional real estate staff provides a solution for customers that advises buyers of the lowest and most profitable loans from financial institutions and banks. This is a feature that makes real estate staffage services different. In some cases, the staff only fulfills the initial responsibilities for the deal, while the financial or legal completion of the deal is done by an attorney or by a credit union or bank.
Besides, the staff must have a clear action plan, what steps should be taken to complete the job and task. How to best ensure the interests of both the customer and the homeowner.

2. Know the real estate information in the area of ​​operation:

A professional real estate staff with solid knowledge of projects, investors, market prices in his area of ​​operation. Information can be collected through newspapers, radio, seminars, real estate associations, market experience ... this is the basic and necessary source of information when advising customers. This important information must be collected and aggregated by property type.
Individual townhouses, project land, subdivision land for sale, residential land in residential areas, households, agricultural land, apartment buildings (high-class apartments, apartments for resettlement, for collectors) low income), townhouses of the project, especially
ready-built villa…
It is necessary to understand the price of each type of real estate and each time the price goes up and down in the market. When advising customers, depending on the needs of customers looking to buy real estate in any area, do we immediately talk about the current price of that area, whether there are many products for sale, should buy? right now or wait a little longer to wait for another project to come out with better prices...

3. Sales & Marketing knowledge:

Regardless of the type of real estate, the staff needs to know the needs of the client before a sale. Before leading buyers to see a real estate address, the staff often has to contact the customer a number of times to understand the needs and tastes of the customer. This can be considered as the pre-feasibility stage for a transaction and staff. The staff will post a listing of homes for sale, their location and detailed description, and a very important point – the necessary sources of credit support for the client.
We have the following sales process:
Specifically, ask questions to know about real needs when interacting with customers, customers need to buy housing urgently or not, how much is the estimated budget, when do they need housing, why should they go? Looking to buy / rent a house, have visited any projects or areas, what type of real estate do you want to choose: house
town, villa, apartment, land… do you need to borrow money, payment requirements, etc.
Advertise to attract customers' attention, then bring solutions to customers with housing needs, investment needs for rental or resale. Depending on each customer, we have a plan, advertising content accordingly, otherwise it will not be effective with the cost of advertising.
Advertising can be in newspapers, on television, on television, in magazines, on the internet, or on leaflets. Leaflets, catalogs must be beautiful, full of information about the real estate for sale/lease and the design must be eye-catching to attract attention from customers. Knowing when is the best time to close the deal, if we make a mistake in this decisive step, it can lead to a failure in the sale.

4. Legal knowledge:

To become a professional staff, we always update the regulations related to real estate because the legal factors in our country are always changing and adjusting, which is also the reason why it is difficult for some non-specialists. that can compete with well-established and professional companies.
We are not only familiar with the Law on Real Estate Business but also have to know about the Housing Law, Civil Law, Investment Law, Decrees guiding the implementation of these laws in order to perform staffage work properly. Accurate, legal and professional.

5. Knowledge of information technology:

The 21st century has created a revolution in information and communication that has created conditions for real estate staffs to promote their abilities and professionalism in their work. Proficient use of office software such as MS Office, sending and receiving emails, image processing software and specialized software for the real estate industry will help staff work smoothly and meet the requirements, customer needs quickly and accurately.
In addition, professional staffs need to have digital tools and equipment to support their work such as laptops, digital cameras, desk phones, and mobile phones.

6. Foreign language ability:

Vietnam has joined WTO opportunities for foreign investors to do business in Vietnam, this is an opportunity for staffs in the field of real estate rental/sale to develop stronger. This is an opportunity and also a challenge if the staffs do not know how to use foreign languages, especially English. Opportunities will come and go very quickly if we cannot communicate in English.
We don't just stop at communication, but we need to know specialized English in the real estate field to be able to present and convince foreign customers. Therefore, being fluent in foreign languages ​​is an indispensable factor for professional real estate staffs in the present and future period.

7. Professional ethics:

In addition, staffs often have a pleasant personality, honesty, and an appearance of trust. Maturity, judgment, correct judgment, reliability, and enthusiasm in work are the top requirements. Because real estate is a very high value product, the representative needs to have the most convincing expression for the customer. Real estate agents need to be well organized, meticulous, and have a good memory (they need to remember not only the client's name and face but also the client's preferences).
We condemn the speculative buying practices of real estate staffs. The task of real estate staffage organizations is to provide information about real estate to buyers / renters; to act as an intermediary in real estate transactions between the owner's representative and the person in need of the property. real estate.
However, in reality, many staffs now act as sellers. Especially in apartment projects and industrial zones.
With condominiums, the output of the apartment project should have been people who wanted to use the apartment, but most of the apartments fell into the hands of new staffs and speculators before it was completed. The above acts of speculation and hoarding are not allowed by law. However, measures to prevent and control the above behavior are still a dilemma posed for agencies that supervise the real estate business market.
We should avoid illegal acts. Before it was mandatory to have a real estate staffage practice certificate, we could speculate for profit, but when we were required and had to go through a staffage knowledge training class, we knew what was allowed to do, do according to the law, what is not allowed to do, if done is against the law.
Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is the market price of real estate. In our country today, the need for housing and infrastructure for production and business is an urgent issue. In the condition that the State's land fund is very limited, it is still mainly under the mechanism of asking for a donation. Taking advantage of this situation, the real estate consultants have distorted information, contributing to pushing prices up or lowering prices according to the hot and cold fevers of the market in order to benefit themselves. On the other hand, due to people's psychological habits, there is always a tendency to accumulate assets in the form of gold or real estate, which pushes real estate prices higher, invisibly creating favorable conditions for the staffage team. profit.
In addition, information about planning, land use, as well as the legal status of each property is not fully disclosed and publicized. But this information, due to relationships or some other reason, is "fully exploited" by a team of staffs to make a profit. Many people have fallen into the situation of crying and laughing because they have invested all their capital and assets to buy houses and construction works without even knowing that they were in the planning area. By the time the owner came to real estate staffs, they were already running away.
To become a professional real estate staff, we should avoid the factors that violate professional ethics mentioned above, and staffage activities must be based on fairness and transparency of information, and must respect ethics. Professional ethics is a guideline, a red thread throughout the entire working process.


Real estate staffage profession is quite "sensitive" to market fluctuations, especially fluctuations related to exchange rates. When economic activity declines and the exchange rate rises, the number of real estate transactions will naturally decrease.
Commissions are the main source of income for real estate staffs. The commission rate depends on the agreement of the agent and the staff, on the type of property and the value of the property.
In the housing consultancy project under construction, there are regulations: Real estate consulting and staffage organizations must have a working office of not less than 100m2, have facilities such as cameras, cameras. computer… Especially, the minimum capital of professional liability insurance is 2 billion VND. According to this project, each office needs at least two people, with university degrees in economics or higher, who have worked or worked as price consultants for at least four years.
If this scheme is applied, it will certainly bring high efficiency in real estate staffage activities. Organizations and individuals participating in real estate transactions will feel more secure with the information provided and the probability of successful transactions will be higher.
Thus, to become a professional staff, we not only have knowledge of staffage, law, potential customers, sales & marketing skills, but also other skills such as foreign languages, computers and ethics. professional ethics.
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