How to see the house feng shui to bring fortune and luck to the owner

How to see the house feng shui to bring fortune and luck to the owner

House feng shui is an indispensable part of Vietnamese life. However, there are still homeowners who do not really understand these issues.

In the article below, Real Estate Management will provide you with all the knowledge and information about house feng shui to help homeowners attract more fortune and health.

1. See what feng shui houses mean?

House feng shui applies different elements:
  •     Through direction
  •     Bat Trach
  •     Palace of Destiny
  •     Water circuit
  •     Fortune
  •     Earth World
  •     Wind direction,…

to help the living space have a lot of happiness and prosperity. 

Depending on the par, bow, and age of the owner, there will be different feng shui houses such as:

  •     How to build a house
  •     Home design
  •     Living room
  •     Where is the bedroom?
House feng shui helps family members meet many good things, health and fortune.

2. Feng shui housing needs to focus on what issues?

Feng Shui housing is divided into 2 main phases:
  •     Construction phase: It is necessary to pay attention to the direction of the house, the ground position, the time of the ground breaking, etc.
  •     Design stage: Pay close attention to the location, color, furniture arrangement, etc. of the rooms.
In previous articles, Real Estate Management has shared about housing feng shui issues when starting out, so this article will mainly go into more detail about viewing house feng shui for rooms.

3. Feng shui living room helps homeowners attract a lot of fortune and luck

The living room is the main space in the house, where the members live together. In feng shui, this is the place to gather good luck.

3.1. Living room colors

The color of the living room is an important factor to help homeowners attract wealth and promote in work.
You should choose colors according to the Five Elements to bring luck such as:

  •     Owners of the Kim element: Choose a compatible color (white, gray, gray, silver) or a compatible color (earth yellow, brown).
  •     Homeowners of the Wood element: Choose a compatible color (green) or a compatible color (blue, black).
  •     Homeowner of the Fire element: Choose a compatible color (red, pink, purple, orange) or a compatible color (green).
  •     Owner of the Earth element: Choose a compatible color (earth yellow, brown) or a compatible color (red, pink, orange).
  •     Homeowner of the Water element: Choose a compatible color (blue, black) or a compatiblecolor (white, gray, gray, silver).
But it is necessary to consider the similarity and harmony of aesthetic factors. Avoid combining colors that are too opposite, as this will make the room secret, stuffy, producing bad energy.

3.2. Talent direction of the living room

The position of talent or the direction of wealth is very important for the living room. This position greatly affects the fortune of the owner. 

Lucky objects are placed here such as:

  •     Feng shui stone of destiny
  •     User idols
  •     Feng Shui plants…

All will contribute to promoting prosperity, helping homeowners always be favorable on the career path, prosperous in business, full of wealth, always peaceful in family life.

To know the location of the living room's talisman, draw a 45-degree angle with the center measured from the center of the main door. From the main door to the recruiting position, do not place metal objects. Absolutely, do not design a window in this position, it will cause fortune to escape.

3.3. Decorating the living room with feng shui plants

Decorating indoor feng shui plants both creates a space close to nature, regulates the air, and has a good feng shui meaning. Based on the age of the owner to choose the appropriate feng shui tree.
However, there are a few plants suitable for all ages and denominations such as:

  •     Money Tree
  •     Honeysuckle Tree
  •     Five-year-old tree
  •     Phat Tai Tree…
The most popular is the Kim Tien tree because the tree brings good fortune to the owner.

3.4. The direction of the altar in the living room

The altar is yin and inward. Therefore, the best direction to place the altar should be in the Northwest (yang direction) to harmonize yin and yang.
If the altar is placed in the living room, the following issues should be noted:

    The altar should be placed in a solemn position, leaning against the wall to create stability.
    Do not place the altar above or below the children's playroom or toilet. These are noisy places, losing the sacredness, the sanctity of this spiritual area.
    According to feng shui experts, the altar should not face the main door directly. In the opposite case, to neutralize it, it is necessary to use a curtain or a screen.
    The altar must be symmetrical with the living room space, and of the right size.

4. Feng shui bedroom helps homeowners always full of energy

The bedroom is a place to rest, directly affecting the health and regeneration of the members of the house. Especially for couples, bedroom feng shui greatly affects family happiness.

4.1. Bed position

The position of the bed is the most important feng shui element in the overall bedroom. Positioning the direction and position of the bed helps you have more abundant health, full of energy.

There are some notes about the bed you should avoid, because there are bad feng shui such as: do not place the bed in the middle of the room, place the headboard too close to the wall, place the bed directly opposite the straight line of the door.

Beds should not be placed in positions such as:
  •     Under the beam of the ceiling
  •     Opposite the sharp corner
  •     At the foot of the stairs
  •     There is no firm support

Both have great effects on the health of the homeowner, can cause insomnia, headaches, dizziness and other diseases.

The way to put the bed in accordance with feng shui is to lean on two walls opposite the door, or deviate from the door. And if the feng shui direction is right, your finances will go up, there will be more business opportunities.

In case the bed cannot be moved, the solution is to turn the head to another direction to sleep.

Absolutely do not place the bed near the window, where there is a lot of messy furniture because it affects health.

4.2. Mirror position

A mirror facing the bed is a definite taboo to avoid in the bedroom. Mirrors are composed of sodium and silver metal. These substances create negative energy, which will directly affect people.

Mirrors placed opposite the bed will create:

  •     Negative fortune
  •     The light emitted from the mirror affects health
  •     Neurasthenia.

All fixtures are fitted with mirrors such as:

  •     Wardrobe
  •     Makeup table
  •     Standing mirror
    Objects that reflect light

It should not be placed opposite the bed.

Like mirrors, computer screens, televisions, and glass paintings opposite the bed are not good and affect the health of the homeowner.

4.3. bedroom furniture

Limit electronic devices in the bedroom, because the magnetic fields from these devices will affect the health of people in the room.

Air conditioners should not be installed right on the head of the bed, because cold air will blow directly on the body. Especially during sleep, pores tend to expand, so they are prone to diseases such as muscle stiffness, colds and headaches.

Years ago, people liked to decorate the ceiling with plaster, chandeliers, mirrors or some art. However, it will cause symptoms of difficulty sleeping, directly affecting health. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the ceiling as simple as possible, even if it is nothing.

5. Kitchen feng shui makes the family always happy

The kitchen is the place where most of the energy is stored in the house. New good feng shui kitchen ensures the circulation and smoothness of fortune, luck, and health.

5.1. Kitchen direction

Southeast and East are the two most ideal kitchen directions. Because the kitchen belongs to the element of Water and Fire, while the two directions above belong to the element of Wood. In the Five Elements, Wood gives rise to Fire, and Aquarius gives birth to Wood, so these three elements support each other (Moc in the middle helps to balance Water and Fire which are incompatible with each other).

Do not place the kitchen in the South direction because the South belongs to the Fire element (corresponding to fire). Adding fire to the fire will produce bad energy, which can cause a fire, and at the same time affect the fortune of the family.

In addition, the kitchen is not placed in the middle space. This is a very taboo thing, because the middle of the house is the central place, it should be quiet and well ventilated, not smelling of food.

5.2. Placement of the kitchen

The fire symbolizes the warmth, health and happiness of a family.

Therefore, do not place the stove where there is no support, do not let the stove cook:

    In the middle of the kitchen
    In the middle of the living room
    Before the window is always open.

According to folk beliefs, the kitchen under the beam of the ceiling will press on the apple (grandmother). Therefore, when setting the position, this position must be avoided. Moreover, this is also a position to suppress development and bring good fortune to the whole family.

5.3. Kitchen space

Many people often mistakenly believe that the open kitchen design will not keep fortune.

But in reality, a closed kitchen will:
  •     Preserve the smell of food
  •     Create aura
  •     Affect health.
Let's design the kitchen with open space, absorb the natural light of the sun. The positive energy from the light will sweep away the bad.

For kitchens that do not have a lot of air space, a good solution is to install more exhaust fans and hoods to remove hidden gases.
Above is all knowledge related to house feng shui. Hopefully, the information shared by Real Estate Management will help you in life.

Thank you for following the article, continue to accompany Real Estate Management to gain more useful feng shui knowledge.