Real estate business in the Covid season: Social distancing, not sales "distance"

Real estate business in the Covid season: Social distancing, not sales "distance"

In the context that many other real estate businesses are "hibernating" or still hesitant to listen to the situation, finding solutions to continue maintaining sales activities will help businesses significantly reduce the negative impacts caused by Caused by Covid-19.

In addition to the Government's policy support to recover the real estate market during the Covid-19 period, some real estate businesses have shown sensitivity to market changes in the current pandemic situation. Especially the impact of social distancing reshaping consumer behavior. Therefore, finding a way to adapt sales to that change is an important factor to help real estate businesses limit risks and increase revenue while other businesses are still passive before the epidemic.
In Vietnam, a number of real estate enterprises have pioneered the application of technology in business activities, including typical names such as VinGroup, Sunshine, Bim Land, Dai Phuc Land, CT Group, and Pho Dong. … In which, real estate 4.0  sales floors proved to be effective and effectively supported businesses to continue to operate instead of having to "distance" sales.
Meeting that demand, Vietnam's leading real estate technology group Pho Dong currently owns a multimedia sales platform that supports digitization and automation of the real estate buying and selling process. Pho Dong  is currently being applied to more than 500 real estate projects in Vietnam.

Introduced in the Vietnamese market in 2015, Pho Dong attracted the attention of many real estate businesses, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. The impact of the epidemic on real estate sales is a great motivation for businesses to be more aware of the effectiveness of technology. 

In the bad luck?

Director of CBRE Vietnam's housing division Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet said that the real estate market is falling into two opposing streams, if the secondary market, due to the epidemic situation, many people want to liquidate their apartments. ownership, creating opportunities for buyers to buy houses with prices lower than before by 5-10%; In the primary market, apartment prices have continued to increase during the recent epidemic and will also tend to increase in the near future, due to investment costs, raw materials, loan interest, financial costs ... All increases are included in the selling price of the product.

“A lot of opinions are skeptical about whether or not to buy a house at this time. If there is really a need for housing or long-term investment, it is better to buy now. However, this is not the time for investors to surf," said Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet.

According to General Director of Gamuda Land Vietnam Dennis Ng, the 4th outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, has continued to deal another "strong blow" to the real estate market, but also brings opportunities for people with real needs to return home. Long-term residents and investors, because the population increases, the demand for living and business increases in the long run, land will continue to increase in price. Moreover, real estate is a channel where investors can buy at a value lower than the actual value, which is different from the channel of securities, gold, etc., because it is guaranteed by banks.

“In addition, when buying real estate assets, the owner can use the mortgage to get money to serve other investment needs or use it for profitable business. Therefore, in the long run, if investors have enough financial capacity, they can still choose real estate as a safe investment channel, despite the effects of the epidemic, "said Dennis Ng.

Many experts agree that investors have changed their approach to customers by selling online, so they still maintain stable operations, the market has not shown any signs of decline. Meanwhile, people buying land to build houses or buying apartments to live in is a long-term plan, so the investment still takes place and is almost less affected by the epidemic, but at this time, the infection has not stopped. barriers for people to invest.

Most crises have great opportunities, only professional investors can seize the opportunity. Most want to take this opportunity to buy or rent at a cheaper price. However, it is necessary to choose and consider carefully to prevent unnecessary risks and avoid "losing money, carrying disabilities".