Real estate sales: Prejudice and reality

Real estate sales: Prejudice and reality

When it comes to Sales, especially Real Estate Sales, many people will certainly "shake their heads". Are the prejudices and realities of the sales profession similar in the current context?
The job crisis in the middle of the epidemic season

The sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 has "dealt" quite a heavy blow to the economy, directly affecting the labor market at home and abroad. At this time, the epidemic continues to return with quite complicated developments, raising many concerns related to recruitment and employment stories for businesses and employees.


As of December 2020, the whole country has 32.1 million people aged 15 and over negatively affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, including those who lost their jobs, had to take rest/rotational leave, and reduced hours. work, reduce income, etc. Specifically, about 14.0% were forced to take a break or suspend production and business activities; 69.2% of people have their income reduced and 39.9% have to reduce working hours/retirement/rotational leave.

Businesses have a headache before the story of how to balance investment costs, revenue in the epidemic season with appropriate regimes and policies for employees. On the contrary, workers are bewildered when job opportunities are more limited than before, some specific industries such as tourism and services are almost frozen,...
However, Vietnam is a country that is quite active and flexible in epidemic prevention, so the negative impacts are somewhat reduced. At this time, although it cannot be confirmed that it is completely stable, the market is still showing signs of growth again, the employment situation has more signs of improvement than before.

Businesses believe that this is an opportunity for workers to find new jobs that are more adaptable, even exploiting their strengths in an unexpected way. Meanwhile, for job seekers, this time can easily screen potential businesses, have a safe development orientation and properly grasp the labor psychology, value their human resources.

If you are struggling with the story of applying for a job during the pandemic, you are worried about your income and financial opportunities, the door of opportunity is still very close to you if you are more open in your mind and subject. grasping action.

Which profession is still hot despite Covid-19?

Most economic sectors are more or less affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, in today's market, the differentiation can be seen quite clearly. While some industries have slowed down, developed at a "moderate" level and quite slowly, some sectors have shown their attractiveness that has not cooled down, even more exciting because of the change in investment thinking. and business plan.

One of the hot industries at this time cannot fail to mention investment - purchase - real estate business. It seems that the more volatile, the more people tend to look for things that are stable and secure in the long run. Therefore, real estate becomes a favored product. Accordingly, businesses "jump" into this field quite large, the supply becomes abundant. This leads to the fact that real estate companies, from small to large, need a large number of "sales staff" to access the current extremely potential customer source.
In the past, when it comes to Sales or Sales, especially Real Estate Sales, people often label it "scam" and are not very sympathetic. That's why many young people when applying for jobs frankly refuse jobs related to this field.

However, when the economic situation changes and real estate becomes a sought-after thing, real estate salespeople become an important bridge between businesses and customers, between potential products and buyers. . They are an important link, bringing revenue to the company and customer satisfaction.

As for the social perception and assessment of the real estate sales profession, it is actually just a one-sided, one-sided and personal view. Of the 100 businesses, not all of them are doing genuine business and of course, not 100% are deceiving and deceiving customers. So sometimes, it doesn't matter what profession, what matters is where you work, for whom, in what environment.

Assessing objectively based on what is happening in the real market today, Real Estate Sales is a hot profession and will continue to be hot in the future, because they have a balance between "supply" and "demand". "- the recruitment demand is large, the suitable candidate audience is also large. In particular, real estate sales in the long-distance story will bring professionalism, not simply sales but also comprehensive development in terms of expertise and skills: communication, foreign languages, tactics , marketing,...

If you are a sales enthusiast, want a clear development roadmap, lots of potential, real estate is a field worth trying.