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In the field of intensive sales consulting, when training the team, good Sales Managers often say "make friends first, then discuss business, then sell". This is true, but not enough to help children visualize and implement thoroughly. The proof is that many children still approach in the wrong way, causing trouble to customers with cold calls or bombshell messages. As for companies that do not have the money to hire good managers, without proper training, the number of children doing bad things is still countless. Doing it wrong leads to not being able to sell, not being able to sell, so frustrated and hungry, so quit the job. The most unfortunate thing is that many talented but untrained children end their careers with the mindset that they are not suitable for this profession. Wow, it's a waste. In fact, consulting sales is no different from going to a girl.

1. Baby, where are you? (Determine target customers)

Lovers know themselves and their prey well, so they know where to go to girls. If they like a one-night stand, they will go to the Bar, where there are more liberal girls than other places. If they like docile and immature children, they go to the dormitory, where there is a herd of deer lacking family affection. If they play hard and like to get married in a traditional way, they go to women's housekeepers clubs,... After determining the standards they want, they zone out where the target group often appears and then choose their favorite prey. suitable for observing habits, behaviors and psychology before approaching. With such thorough preparation, you should get used to where it is, and get the phone number lightning fast. As for the old and young men, when they see girls, they are overwhelmed and do not dare to get acquainted. Which man is a little better is stammering, out of breath, or speaking indescribably ungainly. So lost the opportunity,then went home and cursed why the girls were so stupid, they were all lured by the soft-spoken department. Meanwhile, they had no idea how well the other group prepared. If you lose, you have to stop, don't hold any grudges.
The same goes for sales. Before reaching anyone, you must define your target customers first. And this is the part that I can only show very little, so everyone is offering it, both unsuccessful and a waste of time. Ask the question "Who are my customers?" With 10 children, almost all of them answered like "Whoever has money is also my customer because the product I'm selling everyone needs" or "My product belongs to the high-end segment, so the customers are the people with the right location. taste, lots of money". Answer number 2 is better than question number 1 because at least you can figure out who to sell to, even if it is not detailed. Anyone who answers like question number 1 is finished because they can't identify specifically who their customers are. This is like saying "I'm very handsome, so I can get any girl", and then I'll lose my mind and don't understand why because I keep jumping in and out of people who only like rich boys,It's okay to be bad. So let's determine specifically who is really your target customer? Which group of people does your selling style suit you best? Where are they? What are their habits? What is their mentality and behavior? Then set up your own customer list according to the customer portrait above, courageously eliminate those who are not suitable, and then plan to approach each person according to their taste.

2. Honey, let's get to know each other (Building a relationship)

The inexperienced men either don't dare to get acquainted, so they lose the opportunity, or they are ungrateful to make girls hate or pounce, making people afraid of running away when approaching. The field master does not do that. Instead of being rude, they just gently said "Hello, Tay Nguyen sister", the answer received would be "Wow, how did you know?". In response to the question "How do you know?", these men began to give a sound reason "your voice can't be confused with anyone else's, it's really cute, true to their characteristics. mountain town girl". After that, auto coffee. Meanwhile, the men had investigated and understood all the genealogies of other people's children, but they did not recognize the musty monkey's voice. So the conversation dragged on. At the end of the talk will be an exchange of phone numbers, Facebook, zalo of all kinds. Next are the series of days, oh, chat, coffee,Watch movies to slowly warm up the relationship before confessing.

Sales too. This is the step where children need to have relationships, relationships, and relationships with their target customers after successfully getting acquainted. Have a deep and long relationship with customers to build trust first. At this step absolutely no mention of buying and selling. Ignition phase is lost immediately. Who is new to people, has never held hands, but has never asked to be beaten. Die die. This is a mistake many children make because of impatience and haste, thus losing customers. Well, what if she asks for it? Then hit it right away. If you don't do anything, ysl will be lost, so please be flexible. If the customer wants it so much, then just sell it. But this number is very small, so you should evaluate it properly, if you want to hit you, you will be slapped immediately. Not to mention that if you just meet and hit it right away, most will be dumped, in business, you will be caught in a competitor's trap or are being probed by them. So have fun,Don't be too happy and be careful. The core of this step is BUILD TRUST.

3. Push to stimulate demand (Discover buying motivation)

If you accidentally get acquainted, you will be very happy, seeing people willing to go to coffee with you is the default that people like you already. After that, I heard the gurus fanning their fangs and they were all FAs instigated. If not, go online to look up how to confess and then hug a teddy bear or arrange 999 bouquets of roses in the school yard to say goodbye like a love movie. Oh ho, the new girl only likes action movies, she's very afraid of cheesy scenes, so the answer will be that you are very nice but I'm sorry, I only see you as a rainy brother. So the auto hometown sml, disappointed, resentful the children are not clear. Hey, you guys are assuming they're not ready. Of course, there are also children who like to listen for fun, or take advantage of them, but who told them to get caught in the net. Lovers know when is the right time to confess, they are never in a hurry.In this step, the men push for the purpose of stimulating their desires to the highest level, skillfully probing what men want to be as a lover, what standards are appropriate, when are they ready to have sex? How deep are you and your motives? After enough information and making the girls can't stand it anymore, they officially asked.

Sales too. Once the two sides have trusted each other, the next thing will be quite easy. This is the time when customers are really open to talk about their concerns and their job is to ask and talk to understand their needs and buying motivation. The biggest problem at this step is to know how to ask smart questions and close Sales piece by piece (Not closing the deal but closing the demand, don't be confused). If you ask the right question, you will get the right answer, if you ask the wrong one, you will be cursed and lost customers. Practice often to ask well. Sales' worst disease at this step is to prefer to assume the needs and motives of the customer instead of asking where they should present the wrong product or solution, which has nothing to do with them. To see if Sales would ask questions, the manager simply asked, "Really? Why do you think that?" immediately emerge. Your answer is often hypothetical "I think so.” The problem is that customers don't think so.

4. Confession (Share solution)

You guys who are crap, do the wrong thing or don't complete the above steps and still get a girl, you are making a big mistake. It is you who are the one who got the opposite crab without knowing it. But never mind, it's better to celebrate than not sml. You are much luckier than your friends. Not to mention with the imbalance of men and women, there will be more FAs in the near future. What about masters? After understanding the needs, standards and motivations of girls, the master of the situation will adjust their behavior, dress, and walk to match their wishes. Next is how to confess according to the style that the girl likes, that's it. 10 children, 7, 8 children died, only a few children were sober to escape.

In sales, you also have to wisely adjust the way you talk to speak in the language the customer wants when presenting the product. Product features are the same, but everyone's needs are different. Say exactly what the customer needs and stick with their motives. Many children think that it is wrong to say the more details, the better. Touching him with a hot temper, likes to be quick, neat, quick, but always fighting, challenging patience is to be strong and good. Talking a lot is not the same as saying the right thing.

5. I'm so handsome, why would you refuse? Think again baby (Handling customer objections)

Oh, so sudden, I'm not ready; I still have to study so I haven't received an answer yet. It's actually "if you agree right away, you will lose value". Even refused. But the weak physiological, psychological weakness thought it was real and gave up when it was close to the finish line. Some angry men threw teddy bears and flowers in front of them to get rid of their anger. That's crazy, lose points and lose your future lover. Lovers have two things that young men don't have, which is the intuition to distinguish the real from the fake and the thicker face than the cutting board. That's why this group always put on a cool look even when they get rejected, and because of that they handle it smoothly. If the girls pretend to be arrogant to raise the price, then after the second confession, they will stick right away. And if it's a real refusal, then with the ability to face stone, the master of love will also slowly make them soft before swallowing. The number of girls escaping counts on fingers.Why do women often die because of bad boys, they hunt according to the correct process and this process matches the psychological happenings in the minds of most women.

No matter how well the above steps are done, it is normal for customers to stop and consider before paying. Either because they have a lot of choices, or over budget, sometimes it's because of habits like the high-priced girls above. Children will normally be jointed, discouraged, or overwhelmed by emotions, so they react strongly, that's it. The experienced and brave children will find this to be normal, so they calmly solve each step with a calm face. Besides, before resolving objections, Superior Sales will ask wise questions to assess whether it is the real reason why the customer is not making a decision or just an excuse to properly address the itch. no. Normal sales people jump in to deal with it right away without even knowing it's just a fake reason. This explains why some people latch very well, others get stuck.

6. Bringing you into life with a romantic pink perspective (End of sale)

The tickles ask for permission to kiss and often fail. The field master does not do that. Accompanying the second confession is a romantic scene, with music, champagne and three wolves in the bag. At this time, the mouth is at full capacity with many promises, the image of a fresh, happy and attractive future is perfectly drawn. When she was in love, Bup... That's it.

Same goes for sales. This is the step where they have to push the customer's emotions to the fullest with all their enthusiasm and energy by drawing a picture in words rich in color closely tied to the buying motivation that has been exploited from the past. Step 3. That's a huge difference between Good Sales and Average Sales. Don't speak harshly or ask the customer's permission to agree to pay like an idiot asking for a kiss. Kiss right away, don't ask for it because even if you get slapped, you still have to say it.

At this point, you must have clearly visualized what you have, what you are missing, where you are doing well, where you are going wrong and see more clearly the work of sales consultants. To minimize the possibility of rejection, increasing the sales closing rate requires a very logical process based on developments in customer psychology. All steps are closely tied to the previous and subsequent steps, the success or failure of the next step depends a lot on the previous step. With each step done thoughtfully and correctly, the success rate increases a little bit. Therefore, do it step by step, do not jump and rush. Don't make old-fashioned sales calls anymore (isn't it Mr. A, I have one...) because you jumped right through step 4 and got scolded. This also explains to them that training courses that focus only on closing sales or dealing with rejections and then committing to success are deceptive.If the above steps are wrong, you can't even close it. These courses hit the mentality of doing little but want to enjoy more, losing money at the moment, .... should be disguised with very catchy names such as Ultimate sales closing technique, handling rejection at the top. , ... with the purpose of cheating tuition fees. Be careful.

This article is placed in the context of us approaching the decision maker directly, but if you encounter a gatekeeper, there are a few more steps needed. The process of customer nurturing after closing to sell more, cross-sell, ask for Referrals is not included in this article.

Two principles that must be followed when applying this sales process are Sincerely care about customers and treat them the way they want. Without these two principles, everything is a trick, not sustainable.

Boys and girls are done, let the next part see how girls see boys.