If men hunt like hunters, skilled women bring young deer into life by setting traps and casting nets. Hunting like a good hunter is at best a few girls at a time, but setting traps properly is...that's why women are so sweet but extremely dangerous. And the way these girls see boys in business is called by a very beautiful name, Tha Thinh, which means Marketing.

When it comes to Marketing, many people immediately think of running ads on Facebook, SEO, Google Ads, distributing leaflets, etc., and so they burn sml money without giving out numbers or going to the ward to drink tea because of littering. Actually Marketing is much broader and let's see how the high-class girls set traps to visualize the marketing logic and get it right.

1. Saved by a hunter, raised by 7 dwarfs, but why did Snow White choose to marry a prince she has never met? The correct answer is Because his father is rich (Identify prey)

Unlike the girls who are passive in a love affair and wait for the hunter to pick them up, the mature girls know how attractive they are and who exactly are the favorite prey to plan their nets. With no illusions of strength like amateur girls, this group knows where they are, where to show off, where to hide and what types of men are most easily seduced by them to focus on the right group. there. And because their way of doing things is to drop nets to stick together, not actively approach directly like hunters, so in addition to zoning the object and studying the object, they also study very carefully how other women do. How are you attacking your prey to have a suitable trap? They are never in a hurry to set traps or spread rumors around to devalue, make themselves less luxurious and less attractive like ordinary women.

What about in the marketplace? An advertiser, an advertiser who does not prepare well before going to war. So I donated all my money to Fb, Google and Agency companies, but the effect was nowhere to be seen. Some companies misposition their products and services. Either low self-esteem due to late birth, so the positioning is too low, or because of self-esteem, the positioning is too high. Some companies do not have a position, so they always import goods in abundance, mixed with high-end. Wrong positioning, or no positioning leads to choosing the wrong market segment, wrong target customer and wrong competitor. Wrong the first will wrong the entire sequence of actions later. So advertising is not effective. This is like a girl who doesn't know what advantages she has, is too self-deprecating or overconfident, so she chooses the wrong prey to attack.The advantage is that meat sticky rice that hits him with chronic kidney disease or ysl is sure to fail. Sticky meat, let's listen to the owner here =)). So before you start implementing Marketing, do:

- Determine what you want to sell? For whom? Where are you yourself?

- Research carefully about the market, competitors to see which segment to choose? Who is the target customer? Which location?

- Research carefully the behavior, psychology of target customers,...

Then decide what to do next, do not rush and waste money in vain.

2. Hearing processing (butt cheek product)

Being deceived by the media, being deceived by people who write romantic words to stroke their ego, many women now believe in the saying "Be yourself". Then there's the autism "Why change for men?" to cover up a weak or hurt ego. The result is FA sml. The seasoned and glamorous ladies never believe that saying, their motto is "Be yourself but be a better version every day so your prey drools and gets caught in the net; this grandma likes it get married, or else you can't wait to die, you won't be able to live." Just adding a few words at the back, but it shows the difference between the two groups that are attractive and not attractive, really strong and only strong on the outside (This paragraph Mentor says that Thom is a man, so I don't know what size) .With that in mind, after carefully studying the prey and all the opponents including the foster sister and the rain sister, this group started the next step, which is to process Hearing. They turn themselves into an attractive Hearing that their prey craves for. Because of understanding what competitors have and what is lacking, understanding the hidden needs of their prey, in addition to the common attraction, this group also creates a superior difference known as competitive advantage. Maybe it's the scent, maybe the dress, maybe some photos taken with the orphans to PR for compassion, maybe a little English,... is something that... their favorite prey and easily ensnared.understand the hidden needs of their prey, so in addition to the common attraction, this group also creates a superior difference known as competitive advantage. Maybe it's the scent, maybe the dress, maybe some photos taken with the orphans to PR for compassion, maybe a little English,... is something that... their favorite prey and easily ensnared.understand the hidden needs of their prey, so in addition to the common attraction, this group also creates a superior difference known as competitive advantage. Maybe it's the scent, maybe the dress, maybe a few photos taken with the orphans to PR for compassion, maybe a little English,... is something that... their favorite prey and easily ensnared.

In business, too, this should be the time to mass-produce products after doing a thorough survey and launching sample products to test the market. However, as mentioned above, because of not doing step 1 carefully, many companies spent a lot of advertising budget, army budget and countless other budgets in the early days because the product did not match the market demand. school. The question is, what if the product is mass-produced? Is there any optimal solution for advertising costs? The answer is yes, but it is a bit more expensive to add a few points of the product or service to make a difference, and be what the target customer prefers. Just like we can't choose the family we're born into, but we can still change our beauty through plastic surgery. For example, you have just imported a batch of lipstick,and there are also hundreds of distributors who sell the same product line as you, which means no difference. However, because of thorough research and understanding of the target customers, you know that this group is a fan of the princess Tung Son, so you should hire him to do Ly trym or stick their idol's picture on the lipstick box and then PR for that point. , that's the money. The product or service is like that.

3. Determine where and when to set traps (Choose advertising channels and time to launch ads)

The adept girls don't spread their ears around, but just sprinkle on the spot where their prey often appears and sprinkle it at the right time. They know that if they want to fish for carp, they have to go to a pond full of carp, not to a place full of pangasius. They know that it is necessary to spread the hearing when the fish is hungry because sooner it will be eaten by other species or lose its hearing, later the fish will already be full with other people's hearing.

It's the same in business, no matter how suitable our product is for the customer, if no one knows, it will only lead to failure. Your target customers do not watch TV but keep playing it, it will only waste money, even if they watch TV but broadcast ads at the wrong time, it won't do anything. When it comes to TV, many companies choose a prime time frame to show, but no one watches it because they forgot to ask the question "Who is the golden hour but who is it for?". If our target customers only watch TV at 6am - 6:30am, that is the golden hour for us, the rest of the hours are lead. So do you know which advertising channels your target customers usually appear in and when or are they still wasting money on Fb, Google, newspapers, television, leaflets,...and scam agencies. Real estate floor makes this mistake the most,Why advertise high-end products but let Sales distribute leaflets on the street, both not hitting the target customers and devaluing themselves. Naturally, in the eyes of customers, high-end products become cheap ones.

4. Choose the right trap for the prey and set the trap (Content Creation and Advertising)

No smart and attractive girl would scream "Dude, fuck me, I'm delicious" or more softly "Pick me up, bro" but would subtly cover up her motives. subtly with delicious pre-prepared mouth-watering dishes. It could be the indifferent collar that ignited your imagination, it could be provocative words that caused confusion, it could be just an act of child-loving being played out in front of the prey's eyes. Anyone who comes to get acquainted is considered a trap. Each prey will fall into different traps but never know which is a trap.

The same goes for creative content creation. The more subtle the message, the more effective it is to arouse customer demand. Especially not being rude and advertising all day like in the market. One of the very cool messages Ovaltine just launched has attracted the attention of many people and directly impacted consumer behavior for example. Instead of giving competitive messages like higher, bigger to win like other dairy brands; Ovaltine understands that many scandals and scandals of today's education have distrusted parents, so they gradually got bored with the achievement races and began to change their minds in raising children, so message "It's important that you feel happy" in your ads. So score this group of parents. This shows that there is no good or bad content,only suitable or not suitable. Many bosses do not understand this principle, so they keep forcing the content creation team to follow their own taste, so they fail miserably because the target customer's taste is completely different from the boss's. Then many crap teachers who open Content writing classes also have very bad advice that students still believe and follow to their death in order to lose both tuition and customers. Typically the following advice is "Please write a lot of sales ads, whoever doesn't buy means not potential customers, we will filter it and add new people". The result of enforcement is bored friends, frustrated customers because of constant spam advertising. As soon as new feeds pop up, people immediately think "re-advertise", until they can't stand it, they unfollow or unfriend. Done, lost customers.Some men spam ads directly into other people's status in an impolite way, that's why they curse. Some are spamming directly via messages, indescribable crap.

In short, how the content is processed depends on which channel, when and who is the target customer? Which channel to use, which tool is the same? This shows that in order for a Marketing program to be successfully implemented, there are many factors that cannot be achieved immediately. Those who reveal themselves as "Order Commitments" are usually in one of the following three groups: Fraud, understanding Marketing has not reached its destination, too worshiping a certain tool to be paranoid. Those who believe in this promise and then hire the wrong product include: Lack of marketing knowledge, so they are lured, regret of cheap desire, paranoid about their products (self-proclaimed very cheap, very good and customers will love it very much. so running ads is easy).

By now, everyone must have envisioned the logic of Marketing and enough basic knowledge to get it right. Really understand your customers and then move on. Don't listen to bad guys.

Besides, whether it's Marketing or Sales, BUILD TRUST is also very important, customers need to know who they are working with, so never create a virtual account to sell. A lot of people make this mistake, so it's not effective because anyone dares to trade with a virtual account, lose money and know who to ask. That is the general psychology of customers when buying and selling online. Using a real account both helps you build trust and forces you to do it right, so you'll be good at it soon.

A little bit about flirting: Nowadays, it's normal for women to fall for men and take the initiative. However, men's instincts are hunters, so they hate the feeling of being preyed upon. Women who want to see attractive, strong and personality guys should follow the Marketing style, not the Sales style. Don't lose your prey because you like it too much. There is only one type of man who can attack directly by Sales: those who are too shy, stupid, a little soft. If you notice in real life, you will immediately see that gentle men often have very strong wives. And on the contrary, strong men choose a wife who is meek, gentle, or smart to hide behind a layer of gentleness (This is a group of strong women who have personality but often turn themselves into children). cats to give back the power to men, don't be fooled).