Should I buy an apartment? Note the influencing factors when buying an apartment

Should I buy an apartment? Note the influencing factors when buying an apartment

With the name condominium, this is one of the most popular forms of modern housing today, especially in big cities. Should you buy an apartment to meet the housing needs of the present and the future? If you buy an apartment, what should you pay attention to before buying? To answer the question that is considered to be the question of many families when they intend to buy a home, please read through the article below!

Should I buy an apartment ? What are the benefits of buying an apartment?

Taking into account the comfort and uniformity of a house, this can be an advantage of the apartment type. Because almost 100% of apartment buildings have relatively good infrastructure. Around there are many amenities such as cafes, children's play areas, swimming pools, sports fields, basements for parking cars and motorbikes... In some higher-class apartment buildings, there are schools and banks. or the shopping center is like a miniature city with only the area of ​​an apartment building. You don't have to go far to enjoy all these services.

In an apartment building, you and your family will feel more secure about security and order issues in the apartment complex. Firstly, your family's high-value vehicle is left in the basement, every time you go in and out, you must present a ticket in front of the security guard. Thus, the theft of this property is almost nonexistent. Secondly, in the buildings of the apartment building, there are security camera systems, magnetic cards... to control people in and out. If there is an incident of property loss, the apartment management unit will be responsible for compensating the residents for damage.
Pay attention to influencing factors when buying an apartment

Owning an apartment has become a trend of choice for many families today because of the high convenience it brings to users. However, to choose to buy a good apartment, buyers need to pay attention to the following influencing factors to make the right and most suitable choice!
Determine the appropriate area/location of the apartment

When assessing the location of the apartment building, it must include the conditions to answer the following questions:

Where is the apartment located? Is it convenient to go to work? How far from the company? Is moving to the center near or not? Is the apartment located on frequent traffic routes and traffic jams….And the location will be the determining factor in the price of the apartment you choose to buy (usually calculated by the unit price per m2). ).

To see if the apartment location meets the needs of families or individuals, you need to check the facts yourself, see the reviews, by being able to ask the people living around the apartment area. , or maybe ask the neighbors next to the apartment you want to see.
Pay attention to choose reputable investors

You should remember that it is very important to accurately assess the investor's capacity, this factor will determine the outcome of your purchase of a good quality apartment or an affordable one, with internal and external utilities. and security guaranteed. In order to choose the apartment you want with a suitable cost, you should only choose to buy from reputable investors with many names in the market or you should also research projects that have been built or developed. This will help us understand the construction style and design and planning of this investor.

In addition to information about the owner, we should also learn more: construction unit, construction supervision unit, design unit, management supervision unit....Just a few minutes on the internet to check out these steps

Facilities, infrastructure and surrounding area

When choosing to buy an apartment, you should also pay attention to the facilities, infrastructure and the area around the apartment you are about to buy to decide whether to buy this apartment ? These factors seem to be small and often overlooked, but according to the survey, we have collected information that more than half of apartment buyers think that this will be a major factor affecting their lives. family.

You need to determine your personal needs and then see if the facilities available here are sufficient. Then, find out if there are any shopping malls, markets, supermarkets, schools or hospitals within a radius of 1km - 5km, because this is what your family needs to use in the future.
Legality of the apartment project

Normally, when buying an apartment, there will be two stages. Stage of opening for sale and handing over the house. The opening sale phase can take place even when the project is newly built, so many "storks" have taken advantage of this to sell. Even, many cases of making fake papers to trick buyers, causing money loss and disability. The level of risk is quite high.

In addition, when buying an apartment, it takes a while to get a red book and pink book. That time can be counted as several years. There are many cases where, for a number of reasons, the investor has not done and handed over the pink book to residents for many years. Meanwhile, if buying real estate, the red book is handed over, legal paperwork is transparent, neat, and highly controllable.

The types of legal documents you need to pay attention to when buying an apartment are:

  •     Certificate of land use right of the investor
  •     Permit for construction of the project
  •     Fulfill the obligation to pay land use levy and land rent

    In addition to the project's legal documents, the buyer needs to carefully review the purchase and sale contract. The terms in the contract must be clear, easy to understand, and agree on the service surcharges, payment schedule, authority of the parties in the most accurate and specific way.
Service fee when choosing to stay in an apartment

Before you intend to buy an apartment, you need to consider the cost of apartment management, see if it is right for you? Avoid the case of buying an apartment and then returning to know the fees charged at extremely high prices. 

The apartment management fee will usually include the following items:

  •     Expenses for services in the apartment building such as: environmental protection, sanitation, garbage collection, garden care, ornamental plants.
  •     Labor costs to control and maintain the operation of the apartment building equipment system.
  •     Expenses for electricity for public lighting, public water in the apartment building. And some other expenses of the apartment management department. The management fee depends on the management board of each apartment.

Consider financial resources

When you have a need to buy anything, you need to carefully consider your financial resources carefully before buying, because this problem affects a lot later. Check exactly how much money your family has accumulated now; How much can you borrow from friends or relatives or should you borrow money from a bank and pay in installments, etc. and many other issues, requiring you to carefully consider financial resources.

You need to make the most standard financial plan, to avoid the chance of unexpected occurrences that make you lose your financial balance at a later stage. If you are planning to buy a house on installments or get a bank loan, you should: Make a repayment plan and carefully calculate the monthly spending steps; You must calculate the principal, interest, loan period, loan amount, and payment time correctly and prepare carefully for the repayment of the debt later.