A House in Holland

The Guessing Game

Last week, I hinted that I had a good reason for not saying more about what was keeping me away from the blog.  I believe the exact words were, “a very good, very exciting reason, which I should be able to share with all of you in approximately 11.5 days.  With pictures!”

Today’s the day!  And the big news is….

We are moving!

And it’s a big move:  approximately 2100 miles from the lovely suburb of Indianapolis that we’ve been living in for almost seven years.

 How about you humor me by playing along with a little guessing game?  I’m going to show you some of the “points of interest” that will be within driving distance from our new location.  You see if you can guess where our new home will be.  Are you ready? [Read more…]

We Moustache You a Question…

…are YOU ready for Valentine’s Day?

I am happy to report that everyone at our house who is elementary school IS ready for Valentine’s Day.  Check out these DIY personalized Valentines:

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We whipped out these funny valentine cards using Picnic (free for EVERYONE, right now!) and I had them printed out using Target’s 1 hour photo service through Shutterfly.  It cost about $10 to print enough to hand out to both classes, BUT if I had been on the ball and used a Shutterfly promo code, I probably could have spent less than $6 for them.

The good news is that I still saved lots of time, because these handy cards already have my children’s names on them and don’t need to be folded or punched out or have stickers added to them.  Hooray!  Here’s how we did it:

I took a picture of each child.

I downloaded the pictures to Picnik.  I used Picnik’s “Add a Sticker” feature to attach the mustaches.  (Many mustache choices are available in the sticker files.)

Then I used Picnik’s collage feature to put the pictures on a colorful background and add text.  It took a whopping 10 minutes.

Instead of candy, my children will be handing out mustaches-on-a-stick along with their Valentines.  Much cheaper than candy, since we have all the supplies we need to make them.  And I’m pretty sure the mustaches will be a hit with their friends.

Have you had any great ideas for Valentines, this year?  If you are in need of any inspiration when it comes to doing something special for your spouse, check out the ideas I shared this weekend over at Infarrantly Creative.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Last spring, I found some decorative mirrors on deep discount at our local hardware store.  I wanted one.  I wanted to put it right above our mantel.  Bionic Man convinced me not to buy one until after we had painted the living room.

Well, guess what, Bionic Man?  We painted the living room.  Seems to me, you owe me some kind of mirror on the wall.

Since we don’t have the actual mirror yet, I want to get my friends’ opinions on three different types of mirrors.  Take a look at the faux mirrors in the photos below, and tell me which one works for you. [Read more…]

Introducing…The Salty Pineapple

Last week I had the chance to attend the Altitude Design Summit.  I went there to gain skills and meet clients for my business, Windmill Words.  But the fun side benefit was that I had the opportunity to meet some great people and discover their blogs!

For the next few weeks, I want to let you meet some of my blogging-fun-finds from Alt.  So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Nikki from The Salty Pineapple. [Read more…]

What’s Behind YOUR Stove?

Most of us would prefer not to answer that question in polite company.  It’s not exactly the part of the home that gets the most frequent attention with broom and dustmop.  But today, I’m going to break the mold.

I’m showing you what’s behind my stove. [Read more…]

A Report from the Battlefield

I’m sure you have been waiting on the edge of your seat to find out the outcome of the Battle to Destroy Gacky Sage.   On the one hand, I hope your life is so full and rich that you haven’t wasted a single moment wondering about whether or not we actually painted.  On the other hand, how could you not?  It is, after all, Gacky Sage, one of the most nefarious villains known to the world of home decor.

If you don’t believe me, then you haven’t spent the last six years of your life living under the terror of it’s reign.

Of course you want to know if we have prevailed. [Read more…]

The Battle Begins

Friends, the time has come.

The final battle that will destroy the last vestiges of  Gacky Sage in my home is on the horizon.

Tonight,  we paint! [Read more…]

What’s On Our Shelf This Christmas?

You may have heard of the Elf on the Shelf.  Perhaps it’s a long standing tradition in your home.


If you haven’t heard of it, you can check out the Elf on the Shelf official website, or check out some fun Elf pictures here.

Well, we don’t have an Elf on the Shelf at our house.  That doesn’t mean our shelves are entirely empty.  Nope, we have something on our shelf.

Brace yourself. [Read more…]

Thanks for Thanksgiving

Just in case I’ve never mentioned it before, Thanksgiving is probably my absolute favorite holiday.

Confession:  I feel more than slightly guilty when I say that.  Isn’t Christmas supposed to be everyone’s favorite holiday?  At least, every Christian’s favorite holiday?  While I love celebrating the birth of Christ, I’m going to be honest and say that all of the hoopla surrounding the holiday (not holy day) can be exhausting and frustrating and it is easy to lose focus on what really matters.  There.  I said it. [Read more…]

Happy Halloween

I think we were the last ones to leave the pumpkin patch…or were we?