The Guessing Game Reveal

If you guessed from yesterday’s post that we’re moving to California, you guessed correctly!

8x10 Going to California

Image:  The Wheatfield on Etsy

The Golden State. [Read more…]

The Guessing Game

Last week, I hinted that I had a good reason for not saying more about what was keeping me away from the blog.  I believe the exact words were, “a very good, very exciting reason, which I should be able to share with all of you in approximately 11.5 days.  With pictures!”

Today’s the day!  And the big news is….

We are moving!

And it’s a big move:  approximately 2100 miles from the lovely suburb of Indianapolis that we’ve been living in for almost seven years.

 How about you humor me by playing along with a little guessing game?  I’m going to show you some of the “points of interest” that will be within driving distance from our new location.  You see if you can guess where our new home will be.  Are you ready? [Read more…]

We Moustache You a Question…

…are YOU ready for Valentine’s Day?

I am happy to report that everyone at our house who is elementary school IS ready for Valentine’s Day.  Check out these DIY personalized Valentines:

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We whipped out these funny valentine cards using Picnic (free for EVERYONE, right now!) and I had them printed out using Target’s 1 hour photo service through Shutterfly.  It cost about $10 to print enough to hand out to both classes, BUT if I had been on the ball and used a Shutterfly promo code, I probably could have spent less than $6 for them.

The good news is that I still saved lots of time, because these handy cards already have my children’s names on them and don’t need to be folded or punched out or have stickers added to them.  Hooray!  Here’s how we did it:

I took a picture of each child.

I downloaded the pictures to Picnik.  I used Picnik’s “Add a Sticker” feature to attach the mustaches.  (Many mustache choices are available in the sticker files.)

Then I used Picnik’s collage feature to put the pictures on a colorful background and add text.  It took a whopping 10 minutes.

Instead of candy, my children will be handing out mustaches-on-a-stick along with their Valentines.  Much cheaper than candy, since we have all the supplies we need to make them.  And I’m pretty sure the mustaches will be a hit with their friends.

Have you had any great ideas for Valentines, this year?  If you are in need of any inspiration when it comes to doing something special for your spouse, check out the ideas I shared this weekend over at Infarrantly Creative.

Sunday at Home

Superkid has strep throat.  One of my all-time favorite maladies, I have to admit.  I mean, what could be easier than getting a quick swab, a prescription for antibiotics, and then having your child feel 100% better within less than a day?  (Says the mother who thinks a “good year” is one in which no one has heart surgery.)  I’m a big fan of illnesses that have quick and easy tests and quick and easy cures.  Go strep!

Anyway, Superkid and I are hanging out together while the rest of the family is at church.  We have spent the morning in our jammies, so far.  Now we’re watching inspiring videos.

Just a moment ago, Superkid and I watched this video, and I cried.  Cried happy tears, because I love stories like this.  True stories, about young people who are making fantastic decisions and being good examples.  I want to share it with you.

If you can’t view the video, you can click here to read the article.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

What’s On Our Shelf This Christmas?

You may have heard of the Elf on the Shelf.  Perhaps it’s a long standing tradition in your home.


If you haven’t heard of it, you can check out the Elf on the Shelf official website, or check out some fun Elf pictures here.

Well, we don’t have an Elf on the Shelf at our house.  That doesn’t mean our shelves are entirely empty.  Nope, we have something on our shelf.

Brace yourself. [Read more…]

Family Picture Outtakes

I meant to take pictures for our family Christmas card over a month ago. It just didn’t happen. A few days ago, we decided at the last minute to drive a few miles out of town to our favorite orchard. I grabbed our tripod, made my kids and husband put on clothes that coordinated with what I was wearing, and told the two youngest and my husband that they OWED ME–big time–for all of the help I’d given them on their costumes, and so it was time to grin and bear it. Literally.

Attempting to take our family photos by myself reminded me of something important: JUST FORK OUT THE MONEY NEXT YEAR AND LET A PROFESSIONAL DO IT. Let’s face it, no one’s going to look good when their mother is yelling at them, “Turn this way! Drop your chin! I said don’t move! Hold on a second, I have to figure out how to use my camera. Don’t squint!” And the other reality? My kids will actually cooperate better with a stranger behind the lens than they will with me behind the lens.

Here are my two favorite pictures from our trip to the orchard:

Happy Halloween

I think we were the last ones to leave the pumpkin patch…or were we?

Mother Sews Best

Have I told you that I’m pretty sure a man invented Trick-or-Treating?  A man without any children of his own?  Because seriously, folks, would a woman–a mother–invent a tradition that involved elaborate costumes and unlimited candy for children?  I rest my case.

Despite the fact that I had to pack for, unpack, and organize two back-to-back out of town vacations in the past week…despite the fact that I had several writing deadlines…despite the fact that just the mere effort of turning on my sewing machine these days causes me to say creative non-swearing epithets…I told two of my children I would make their Halloween costumes.

This is what my sewing room looked like by the end of the day, yesterday.

Though it may look as if poor Hunter the Dog got too close to my sewing shears, or as if I sacrificed some small animal to appease the evil spirit that dwells within my sewing machine, I can assure you that no animals were harmed in the making of our Halloween costumes. [Read more…]

The Things We Do for “Fun”

The Bionic Man and I have a rule that our children need to do some kind of activity on a regular basis that will keep their bodies moving.  Our goal is not to produce Olympians, it is simply to give them the opportunity to find activities they will enjoy that will help them stay healthy.

Fall means cross country season for Endeavor.

This is her second year as part of her middle school’s cross country team.  Last year, when she started, it took her 23 minutes the first time she ran the 3K course.  This year, she can do it in less than 14 minutes.  Running has helped Endeavor to deal with stress.  She’s learned that she feels better after she runs, even when she’s had a hard day at school.  Running has also taught Endeavor to eat.  She has learned to recognize the connection between her body and it’s need for healthy food to power it up.  She’s ravenous after she runs, and I’ll tell you:  for the mom of what used to be three very picky, sporadic eaters, it’s good to be down to two.  (Her grandmas will be interested to note that Endeavor still won’t eat cereal with milk, though.) [Read more…]

Truth Stranger than Fiction

In the early hours of this morning, Bionic Man nudged me awake and told me, “I just had the weirdest dream.”  Then he told me all about it.  I agreed.  It was weird.

Only Bionic Man can come close to outdreaming me when it comes to weird dreams.  It’s one of the reasons I married him.  But this morning, I was not about to be outdreamed.

“I had a really weird dream, too,” I confessed.   [Read more…]