Superkid Hikes to Delicate Arch

Hello, Friends!  I know, I know, it’s been forever.  I practically dropped off the blogosphere.  We’ve been very, very busy selling our home, moving across the country, enjoying our new (and beautiful) surroundings, and settling into a new home.  Things have gone well, and the only person to be hospitalized in the last few months was Bionic Man (Superkid’s dad), who suffered from a horrible case of food poisoning (courtesy Denny’s in Moab, Utah–yes, I’m naming names) while we were driving across the country.  That made for a lovely layover in the small by friendly town of Ely, Nevada.

Anyway, recently I have begun chronicling some of Superkids adventures in short videos.  We save these for when she’s just done something that other people might not think a little kid with an artificial heart valve could do.  Climbing steep mountains, hiking to an amazingly scenic vista, running in a race…these are all things that Superkid can do, thanks to her artificial heart valve, the skills of talented medical practioners, and a Heavenly Father who works miracles.  We’re awfully proud of Superkid and her courageous heart.

Enjoy the video that we made while hiking in Arches National Park, earlier this summer. You can’t hear what Superkid is saying due to the high winds, so here’s the interpretation: “I’m eight and I have an artificial heart valve. I hiked all the way here to Delicate Arch, thanks to the doctors and nurses at Riley Hospital. My heart works great! Hooray!”

Superkid Visits Delicate Arch on Vimeo.

Lots of other children, like Superkid, are doing amazing things while living with CHD.  You can read some of their stories HERE.

Just a reminder, I’ve decided to limit the content here at A Trip to *Holland to updates about Superkid and our family’s experiences living with congenital heart defects, metabolic disorders, and grief.  If, in the past, you’ve enjoyed crafts, recipes, and home improvement projects at this site, you can continue to enjoy them at my other site, A House in Holland.

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We Read to Know that We Are Not Alone

The Faces of CHD Pinterest Awareness Challenge began officially 10 days ago.  During those 10 days, I have been amazed and elated and overwhelmed by the response to the board.  I just finished pinning face #166 to the board, and I believe the 900+ followers will exceed 1000 by the end of the weekend.

I want to extend my thanks to all of the heart families who have sent us your stories, pinned and repinned, blogged and tweeted and told everyone you know about The Faces of CHD.  I am grateful to all of those who don’t have heart stories of their own that have been touched by yours, and have followed the board and repinned the stories.  And, I’m especially grateful to Stefenie and Becca for jumping in and making sure this really happened.  You are all wonderful people, and I’m glad to be a part of this with you.

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The Faces of CHD Pinterest Awareness Challenge FAQs

Update:  Are you here to find out how to participate in The Faces of CHD Pinterest Awareness Challenge?  Please click HERE to learn more, then click HERE to find out how to participate.

In the last few days, the Pinterest Awareness Challenge has really taken off!  Our board, The Faces of CHD, has reached over 700 followers and there are more than 75 brave faces representing the CHD community.  Each time one of the pins on the board is repinned, it represents another group of people who have become more aware of the special challenges, worries, and triumphs that are part of living life with a congenital heart defect.

As with anything that grows, we’ve experienced a few growing pains as the board has increased in popularity.  I’d like to respond to a few frequently asked questions. [Read more…]

A Special Visit from Some of the Faces of CHD

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has shown their support and encouragement for The Faces of Congenital Heart Disease Awareness board on Pinterest.  Stefenie, Becca, and I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response.  We went from just under 100 followers of the board on the day of it’s creation to more than 400 in less than 48 hours!  My own Lily and Superkid have been joined by the faces of 35 other people with special hearts…and that number seems to grow every time I check my email!

I want to give a shout-out to some special people who have donated their blogging star power to our cause: [Read more…]

The Faces of CHD – Pinterest Awareness Challenge

As many of you know, I am the mother of two little girls born with congenital heart defects, known here as Superkid and Lily.  I’m also an avid Pinterest pinner–I love collecting ideas and inspiration via Pinterest.

Those two elements of my life had absolutely nothing in common…until today!  With your help, I’d like to help promote awareness of and advocacy for children (and adults) with congenital heart defects by founding a Pinterest board devoted to sharing the stories of families affect by the #1 Birth Defect.  The board is titled, The Faces of CHD – Congenital Heart Awareness Week Feb 7-12, 2012.” [Read more…]