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Are you a Pro Blogger looking for a writer or virtual assistant?  

I’m available!  

Here are some of my unique services:

  • Contributing Author/Ghostwriter:  Give me a topic, and I’ll write your blog post or article.  I have fantastic research skills, and I excel at adapting my writing to fit your particular style.  You can view writing I have done for another blogger HERE.
  • Feature Articles:  Do you want guest bloggers and sponsors to come knocking at your door?  Making sure they get a fantastic feature post is key.  I am especially skilled at writing articles that showcase the special qualities of visiting bloggers and advertisers.  Take a look at some of the features I’ve written HERE and HERE.
  • Creating and Featuring Link-up Parties:  Link-up parties are a great way to draw readers and followers to your blog.  Once your parties start to welcome more than 100 links, it can become overwhelming to view all of them–not to mention feature favorite links on a regular basis.  I am adept not only at opening link-up parties (Inlinkz is my linky format of choice) but at creating featured link posts.  You can view a sample of my work HERE.
  • Virtual Assistance:  If your inbox is overflowing, your list of computer-related tasks is long, or the business side of blogging has taken the joy out of what used to be a fun pastime, you can use my virtual assistance.  I can take over the busywork behind blogging–freeing you to do what you do best: create!
I base the cost of my services upon the unique parameters of each project.  I will be happy to provide you with a set fee after discussing the details of your project.  Below is a service menu with estimated project costs.  If you don’t see the service you require listed, please contact me;  I’m very willing to consider additional services related to the care and keeping of blogs.

Service Menu

Virtual Assistance (tasks customized to your needs) – $220/10 hours

Contributing Writer (you credit me and provide a link to my blog)  – $15 starting

Ghostwriter/Contributor (I write without recognition) $25 starting

Feature Articles (I write without recognition) – $30 starting

Link-up Party Creation (using your InLinkz account) – $20 starting

Link-up Party Features (showcasing standout links) – $25 starting

Button Design (for linking to your blog, pages, or events) – $25 starting

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