How to Participate in the Pinterest Awareness Challenge

We’ve had such an enthusiastic response from the CHD community.  THANK YOU for your willingness to share your story and become a part of  The Faces of CHD Pinterest Awareness Challenge.  Follow these {very simple} steps to get a pin onto the board.

Step 1:  Read our “About” page and our “FAQs” page.  Make sure you understand how the board works and what your participation entails.  These pages will give you detailed answers about how you can participate with or without a blog or Pinterest membership.

Step 2:  Read the following *disclaimer:

Pinterest is a way to store and share the things you find on the internet.  It is an online storage system.  Once a pin is added to a board, it becomes available for other Pinterest members to view.  We cannot guarantee how pins will be used or shared outside of The Faces of CHD board.  

As editors, we make every effort to ensure that the only faces of children that are pinned to the board have been done so with the written permission of a parent–or in the case of adult CHD survivors over the age of 18, themselves.

Those who ask to have themselves or their child included in The Faces of CHD do so with the understanding that they WILL NOT hold the editors of the board liable for any reason.

*Sounds scary, we know!  We feel that Pinterest is a relatively safe online forum, or else we would not be sharing pictures of our own children.  However,  this is the internet, and some risks are inherent. 


Step 3:  Send an email to one of The Faces of CHD editors.  (You’ll find our contact information below).  Put “Faces of CHD Pin Submission” in the subject line.  Copy and paste the following paragraph into the body of your email to acknowledge that you have read about the board, the FAQs, and the above disclaimer:

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the purpose of The Faces of CHD Pinterest Awareness Challenge as explained in the About page.  I have also read and understood the Frequently Asked Questions.  I have read the disclaimer and agree to refrain from holding the editors liable for any reason.

Before you hit the send button, do the next step.

Step 4:  This is what you need to include in the email so that we can create your pin.

  • If you have a blog or care site that can be viewed publicly:  include a direct link (URL) to a post that tells about your experiences with CHD.  It’s okay if it is a post you published in the past.  (Here’s the post I pinned from my own blog, if you need an example.)  Make sure there is a picture you would like us to use on that page.  Let us know if there is a particular picture you would like us to use.
  • If you do not have  a  publicly viewed blog or care site:  please email us a .jpg file picture of your child (or yourself, if you are an adult survivor).  We can upload your picture to Pinterest.
  • Important: along with the link or .jpg file, please include a brief (10 sentences or less) description of your child’s defect (or yours, if you are an adult), surgeries, treatments, and anything else pertaining to life with a CHD. The board editors love getting pin requests, but it takes us extra time to create a description if we have to read your blog to do so.

Final Step:  We’ll send you an email letting you know when your pin is on the board.  Then it’s your turn to spread the word about the Pinterest Awareness Challenge!  If you are a Pinterest member, repin the stories that touch you.  If you aren’t that doesn’t mean you can’t tell your friends and family what you are doing to help others become more aware of CHDs.

Our email addresses are beneath our pictures.  Click on our pictures to visit our blogs.

Thank you so much for participating in this effort to increase awareness of Congenital Heart Defects!