Sample Buttons

Buttons are extremely useful little graphics for any blog or website.  A button is a customized image or graphic that links to another blog, website, or a separate page within a blog.  When someone clicks on that image, it takes them straight to the designated link.  Buttons are popularly used for advertising, but can also be used to promote a blog or act as graphic menus to take readers to other pages on your site.

Here is an example of an advertising button.  Sizes vary, but most sites prefer their ad spots to be 125×125 pixels or 150×150 pixels.  If you click on it, it will take you directly to my business page.

Windmill Words

This is an example of a blog promotion button.  Promotion buttons generally follow the size guidelines of advertising buttons.  If you click on it, it will take you to the homepage of my blog.

A Trip to Holland

Many bloggers like to promote their blogs by “sharing” buttons–a way to recognize the blogs you frequent, and let others say they visit yours.  To do this, you install a button with a special code beneath it, so that readers can copy and past the code into their own blogs.  When the code is copied, it looks like the promotion button alone, without coding. This is how it looks on your blog (text box will shrink to fit the width of your sidebar, if necessary):

Buttons are a fantastic way to kill two birds with one stone: add a little visual flair and provide a link to other pages on your blog or site.  You can use buttons to create a sidebar menu, or to promote a special blogging event.  These graphic elements can create color and interest on your site, and “clean up” the overall look of your site by eliminating text links.  Here are some samples of other buttons I’ve created.  (Please note: these buttons are not linked to anything, so clicking on them will not take you anywhere.)


I create buttons using copyright free and purchased graphics.  I am happy to use graphic elements that you own, as well, to create buttons complimentary to your theme.  Button pricing starts at $10.   I offer a multi-button discount.  Installation is available for an additional charge.

You can learn more about my free lance writing and web design work by visiting Windmill Words.

Windmill Words