Plates for the Bedroom

No, this is not a post about romantic meals.  Ahem.  It’s about how useful a little white plate thrifted from Goodwill can be when it is sitting on your nightstand.

Back when I redecorated our bedroom with finds from a Goodwill shopping spree, I found three pretty white plates–one large, two small.  They were all the same color, but had slightly different edges.  I loved all three of them, and intended to hang them up on the wall somewhere in this room.  They never made it on the wall.

Seriously, I love those plates, but I felt kind of funny hanging up a plate collection in my bedroom.  What does that say about me?  That I’d rather be eating than sleeping?  It’s deep thoughts like that one that keep me up at night.  (Um, don’t be offended if you have plates in your bedroom for decor.  It’s okay.  I’ll be exploring my bedroom plate aversion in therapy.) [Read more…]

Old Lamps Made New

So, last week I promised to show you pictures of my new-old-lamp sitting in all it’s apple green glory on my nightstand.  The old brass lamp I’d found at my local Goodwill was spray painted and ready for it’s big moment….but was surrounded by piles of books, laundry, mismatched pillowcases, several backpacks, and a thick layer of dust.  Yep, that was the sad state of my bedroom, last week.  Thank goodness I got around to making our master bedroom bright and shiny again over the weekend.  Now I’ll show you the pictures.

Want to see how this

became this?

Sure you do!  It’s an incredibly complicated process.  NOT! [Read more…]