Hope and Heartbreak

I continue to be thrilled and astonished by the growth of The Faces of CHD.

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I try to read every pin that goes onto the board.  It has made for a very emotional few days for me.  The notes from parents and adult survivors that accompany each pin submission are not only enjoyable to read, but often very humbling.  It is a privilege to meet so many who have fought so courageously.

Some of the letters that I read are truly heartbreaking, as I learn of a family’s recent loss.  Losing a child of my own doesn’t make it any easier to hear about the death of another child–knowing the pain of that loss makes it all the more poignant to realize what their family might feeling.  Early on, one mother submitted the story of her child’s brief life with this note, “Is it all right for [my child] to have a pin, even though he’s not a survivor?”

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A Special Visit from Some of the Faces of CHD

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has shown their support and encouragement for The Faces of Congenital Heart Disease Awareness board on Pinterest.  Stefenie, Becca, and I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response.  We went from just under 100 followers of the board on the day of it’s creation to more than 400 in less than 48 hours!  My own Lily and Superkid have been joined by the faces of 35 other people with special hearts…and that number seems to grow every time I check my email!

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