$30 Porch Makeover

It’s been a hot summer in our neck of the woods.  We’ve spent way too much of it huddled around the air conditioning for comfort, hardly daring to set foot outside–lest we cook ourselves.  At long last the heat wave ended, and we’ve been able to go out and look around.  While the heat kept our grass short, I saw a few things that had suffered from neglect.  Our front porch was one of them, landing a top spot on the to-do list this week.

Sadly, until I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, this was what greeted our guests:Porch before the makeover

Front door before the makeover

It was obviously a much more comfortable spot for spiders than humans.  

They were definitely spending more time out here than we were.  Until we made it look like this:So, how did I transform this neglected spot with a little elbow grease and $30? [Read more…]

Plates for the Bedroom

No, this is not a post about romantic meals.  Ahem.  It’s about how useful a little white plate thrifted from Goodwill can be when it is sitting on your nightstand.

Back when I redecorated our bedroom with finds from a Goodwill shopping spree, I found three pretty white plates–one large, two small.  They were all the same color, but had slightly different edges.  I loved all three of them, and intended to hang them up on the wall somewhere in this room.  They never made it on the wall.

Seriously, I love those plates, but I felt kind of funny hanging up a plate collection in my bedroom.  What does that say about me?  That I’d rather be eating than sleeping?  It’s deep thoughts like that one that keep me up at night.  (Um, don’t be offended if you have plates in your bedroom for decor.  It’s okay.  I’ll be exploring my bedroom plate aversion in therapy.) [Read more…]

Old Lamps Made New

So, last week I promised to show you pictures of my new-old-lamp sitting in all it’s apple green glory on my nightstand.  The old brass lamp I’d found at my local Goodwill was spray painted and ready for it’s big moment….but was surrounded by piles of books, laundry, mismatched pillowcases, several backpacks, and a thick layer of dust.  Yep, that was the sad state of my bedroom, last week.  Thank goodness I got around to making our master bedroom bright and shiny again over the weekend.  Now I’ll show you the pictures.

Want to see how this

became this?

Sure you do!  It’s an incredibly complicated process.  NOT! [Read more…]

Anatomy of a Lamp

Remember this lamp?  It started out as a vintage brass lamp I found gathering dust in the lighting section of Goodwill.  The shade was found at a Goodwill on the other side of town, slightly damaged but with its Target sticker still attached.  I brought them both home, sprayed the lamp down with Rustoleum, turned the damaged part of the shade to the wall, and voila–I had the perfect bedside lamp for my master bedroom, for less than $10.  (You can read more about how I redecorated my master bedroom with Goodwill finds HERE.)

The only problem was, I had an identical bedside table flanking the other side of my bed.  And it didn’t have an apple green lamp.  Things were looking slightly unbalanced.  So I kept my eyes open for another lamp.  I didn’t want an exact match–this bedroom happens to be pretty matchy-matchy as it is.  My aim was balance.

[Read more…]